Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1st To Do List

  • clean mounds of laundry
  • call Chris about CT scan
  • pay lunch money for October
  • mop crushed fruit loops off kitchen floor
  • write Jason's birthday post
  • cut childrens "dragon lady" fingernails
  • do PTA bulletin board for October
  • call Janice about visiting teaching
  • buy Addy pants that fit
  • make Landon's birthday invites
  • return Tracy Anne's crockpot
  • pay preschool tuition
  • sew on scout badges
  • cry
  • send princess dresses to Danielle
  • "help" Addy collect 50 leaves for school
  • call Audry about card group
  • drop off maternity clothes to Tylee
  • buy tights for ballet
  • plan Eliza's bridal shower
  • plan Sadie's bridal shower
  • congratulate Tiffany on her new baby
  • laugh
  • write letters to Cassie
  • clean out the car
  • take Addy and Jessica out for birthday ice cream
  • plan trip for UEA
  • clean bathrooms
  • piano lessons
  • yell
  • organize chaos in bonus room
  • call Shelly
  • pull weeds
  • post motorcycle and truck on KSL
  • shower
  • read with the kids
  • clean out Bella's cage
  • bathe the boys
  • clean out the fridge
  • purchase new Bear scouting book
  • buy pots, paint, and moss for enrichment craft
  • paint pots for enrichment craft
  • call Tawnya about enrichment craft
  • make dinner
  • take a valium

*If I owe you money, have your crockpot, or have forgotten your birthday, please leave me a comment and kind reminder....thank you.


i am bri said...

and blog about it all every step of the way so that i can continue to feel normal!

Jennifer said...

Hey Sara, I can't believe I've just been sitting around over here. Let me do some of the things on your list. I can clean your mounds of laundry, mop crushed fruit loops off kitchen floor, make Landon's birthday invites, return Tracy Anne's crockpot, sew on scout badges, "help" Addy collect 50 leaves for her school, drop off your maternity clothes to Tylee, clean out your car, clean bathrooms, pull weeds, clean out Bella's cage, bathe the boys, clean out the fridge, and I am making you dinner. How about brocolli and cheese soup, and hows does 6:00 sound?

Bisel Family said...

love that you have a list. I am feeling the same way too....insane. Good luck with your list. By the way, love your decorations.

Danielle said...

this was AWESOME. Who is Bella?

dia said...

I love you girl! you make my day sound so tame.

Brianna! said...

If you need help come over and say

aprilaloha said...

Your mantel cuteness makes me jealous!

shauna said...

Holy Moly Lady! How do you do it? And with such style. Amazing!

Liza said...

I'm coming home in 2 weeks. Mom and Dad will be gone and it'll just me and blub blub.... let's throw a kegger! Tade is way too big and Oliver looks like a little boy... I can't handle it. Call me!

SmithDish said...

o.k. so I thought that putting up my Halloween decorations would put me in the mood to be excited to tidy up the rest of the house. But unfortunatly this idea has back fired, because all I can think about is how fussy it all looks and how adorable "Saras" house must be. I think that coffee ice cream and a "tat" sound good right now.
Really the interesting thing is that when I saw the pic of your decor, it looked similar to mine, though mine is a bit more cluttered. I think that we even have similar candle sticks? Are you sure we aren't twins? :)

onesilentwinter said...

oh sara If you took the valium in the beginning it could make it more interesting :) just kidding of course!

time to buy some candy and pop soda!

Jairus Noble said...

Okay your out of control. Please write a book!

Lisa said...

You make me laugh so hard! I am so glad that someone else feels the same way.