Wednesday, October 29, 2008

how far would you go...

to protect your family?
today i'm thinking about learning how to shoot a gun, and getting a concealed weapons license.
here are my reasons...

1. I'm the woman of the house right now, and I'm afraid if confronted with a domestic altercation on my turf, I would not be able to chuck a cell phone or lamp at a strangers head fast enough to grab my kids and flee.
Recently some hooligans were making visits to several homes at late hours, even one in the morning, doing what they found on youtube-- "knock and don't run".
Kids of America, don't be idiots. Instead of getting in trouble with the law and harassing innocent villagers, why not try a game of twister or battleship. Or better yet, come on over and I'll put you to work pulling weeds in my yard. You can do better than this.
2. Countless break-ins with things stolen from our homes that are trying to sell. Last week punk teenagers were found in one of the basements smoking, smashing pumpkins, and they had smeared mystery brown somethin' in the kitchen. There is no worse feeling than that in the pit of your stomach after someone who isn't welcome, has forced their way into a home and you have no control over what they did or do.
Parents of America, where are you? Do you know what your kids are doing? Do you know where they are? Time to step up and take responsibility for your offspring. Teach them values, teach them respect, and teach them that if they ever break in again, I will personally kung fu their sorry asssshton kutchers to the moon.
3. One of our pumpkins showed up by the road in the bushes this morning. Also, while we were out of town something got into our garbage making a big mess. Is no ones one third acreage sacred anymore? Is the rabid hose ripper back? Is this a herd of deer exploring my yard? What gives?
Animals of America, please stay on your own property and leave my hoses and trash and pumpkins alone. Take out your frustrations on your own water dish, and when you feel the urge to relieve yourself of all those kibbles and bits, do it somewhere other than my front lawn where my one year will find it and taste it.
4. I never use to believe in having guns in our home. They really scared me. This was ignorance. It use to be commonplace years ago for every man to own a gun whether is was to defend, or provide food for his family. There are also those who have it safely tucked away "just in case", and I've realized after holding down the fort for three months by myself, that I don't want to be someone caught helpless if the unexpected were to happen. I have always had fears of a child getting it and an accident happening, but there is education and precautions that one can take to make things perfectly safe for your family- leaving a gun out loaded is just nonsense. I have a Sheriff and four other policeman living within a blocks radius of my home, but in a split second, before they get here, I want to be armed, ready, and as confident as Annie Oakley herself.
Times are scary folks, and I know there are people out there that disagree with the right to bare arms....but just wait till your own property is violated, or you hear something go bump in the night, and your precious children are sleeping soundly in their beds while the big bad wolf is trying to blow down your house of straw.
Politicians of America, isn't it ironic that you who want to take our rights away, and our defenses away, are the very same people with body guards who have guns safely hidden under their jackets, just in case a crazy gets in your bubble. What do you suggest we all do, grab a slingshot and throw a rock at a burglar, toss a boomerang at a pyscho? I agree that there are people who are not of sound mind to have the responsibility of owning a weapon, but would they find a way anyways. Just because drugs are illegal doesn't mean Billy Bob stopped smoking.
This is a complicated issue, and I don't have all the answers... all I know is I'm gettin' me a pistol, some shootin' skills, and then I'm going to drink a beer and sit on my lawn chair and protect my kids.
for reals.
what is that I see out my window in the horizon?
It's Sara,
with a gun.


Jennifer said...

I totally agree with you. Just the other day Phil said he was getting a gun. Later that night I walked around the kitchen counter and he had pulled the bat out of the front closet and was practicing with it. Then he left it right next to the front door. If you ever need a "peep hole" call me and I'll tell you whose at your front door. This aint no hose ripper!

Danielle said...

oh my goodness, somebody rattled momma bear's cage!

bill, katie, and co. said...

Sara. I.LOVE.YOU. Thanks for keeping it real and addressing SERIOUS issues that weigh on many of us.

Rachel said...

AMEN! K this is the plan! When were all home for Thanksgiving we'll pull out all the guys' guns and have shooting practice. Dad would love for one of his daughters to help him with the pigeons! ;)

Holly said...

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling violated, especially when there is nothing you can do about it. As for the gun issue... my parents have always felt that it is extremely important for all of their children to know how to use a gun. Not just use but also know all of the safety issues that come with having and using a gun. Every weekend at the ranch is Target practice. We all bring out the artillery, targets, clay pigeons and soda cans and practice with our weapons of choice. To some this may be frightening, but to me it would be more frightening having an intruder in my home with no way to defend my family and myself. Eight years ago Adam and I, with my parents, his parents and most of our siblings had a concealed weapons teacher come to our home and teach us the concealed weapons course. After which we all became concealed weapons permit holders and some do carry guns on occasion. It is just a great education on gun safety and helps give you the confidence to use a gun if needed. We keep our guns in a safe to keep our children safe, but also we teach the children about gun safety. I am proud of you for wanting to be able to protect your family. I think women need to have the confidence to take their safety into their own hands and learn how to protect themselves.
Much love,

miniSCHOF said...

I agree, the teens aren't alright! I fear as to what will become of my house when they come trick or treating and find no one home...

Mama Megs said...

I totally agree too. Yesterday my neighbor was shot and killed by 2 men who were dressed up as utility workers. Talk about hitting home. Go and get your gun girl...I'll be right there with you.

Heather said...

Amen. Let me know when you are in your lawn chair. I want to take a picture.

onesilentwinter said...

Oh Sara, Your going to hate me but the amount of death caused to innocent children and adults because of a gun in the house is astonishing. yesterday an eight year old accidently shot himself to death..his last words where mum i want to go home. I am sorry I live in the ghetto.. i hear gun shots every day- but where do you think these guns come from ..they are stolen form house...Sara I do not have children so i do not know how much my opinion would change...but when i my sister was two years old she walked out of my fathers bedroom holding a gun..i was twelve and my brother was father was not home... i only think it is by miracle alone that she did not get hurt.....

okay so what are the solutions... a strong neighborhood network, showing up at town meetings and demanding more surveillance, a good alarm system( i mean a good one). a plan for you and the children, well organized plan and flood lights outside...

sara having a gun under a stressful allot more complicated then you think.....

please really think about it that is all i ask.

acte gratuit said...

I'm right there with you. If only my husband weren't afraid I'd shoot HIM, I'd get me a gun!

lawdy said...

Go GET 'em Sara! Nice post.

Devin said...

90% of your post made me think that you were a scared Mother wanting to protect your family... Then the other 10% made me think that you have been living too far west of SLC. Great post. Get the gun because then Rachel will let me add to my collection.

Emily said...

sariah the schof, this is jessie, and you know how i feel. i just wanted to lay down some statistical odds for you right quick...
1. In 2006, 18 times more people died from drowning in back yard pools than by gun related accidents.
2. In 2006, 13 times more people died from bee/wasp/hornet related (allergic reactions) stings than they did from accidental shootings.
3. In 2006, i only got to go to in-n-out burger like twice, and for reals, i'm hella hungry for some double-double animal style with chopped chili's.

seriously sistah schof, you've got to hold it down up in the 435. especially when ruger schof is out of town. i would like to help any way i can. i'll be honest, i worry more about dev and rach out in commiefornia. i have a lot more to say but, i'll tell you in person next time we see you. there are a ton of little safety and precautionary measures you can take and i'll try and help with as many as i can think of.

peace out-side, the Smith's

Gina Lee said...

I agree 100%! I have a gun under my bed and it's loaded and ready to fire. It's in a case (that my children can't open) but I practice to get it out fast. If any punks comes into my home uninvited, they are not only going to get one bullet but every last one in my gun. Don't mess with me punks. I have two babes to protect and I will have no guilt. Sorry for going off... but a mother's got to do what a mother's got to do. By the way, I am also going to take a class and get a permit.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

Sorry honey but I'm going to aggree with onesilentwinter and add I'm not a big proponent of guns. For me, I'd say there are other answers first: self-defense classes, sure, a baseball bat... perhaps an alarm system with motion sensor lights? There are so many other ways to protect oneself---. Why so quick to want to kill another human being? I think we've come a long way since the 1700's.

I just had to's just too easy for little kids to figure out where that gun is and use it as a toy.