Monday, April 28, 2008

How about a little from
The Ting Tings
to get your Monday started.
Happy Monday Everyone!!
(Great DJ & That's Not My Name)

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I'm sacraficing my double chin for your cuteness in this picture Jairus!
This was taken at my 30th birthday surprise party,
I had weepy eyes from joy,
and was sick with a baby in the belly,
so please cut me some slack:)

Jairus requested “A Day With” For his birthday…

I would serve you breakfast in bed
consisting of crepes made by Marie
with fresh strawberries, nutella, and whipped crème,
freshed squeezed orange juice, and crispy bacon.
On the tray would be a vase
filled with forsynthia and dogwood branches,
with a copy of the New York Times.
You would put on your Thom Browne outfit,
and slip on your Prada trainers that are gold and lime,
all courtesy of Fall Fashion Week.
We would jump into your new black Range Rover
and on your seat would be
a Marc Jacobs "murse" (man purse).
Inside would be...
bag of chocolate covered espresso beans,
Gucci sunglasses,
Versace gloves,
Viktor and Rolf cologne,
Yves Saint Laurent scarf,
Goyard moneyclip,
and a Baume & Mercier watch.
(did I miss anything?)
In the cup holder would be
a crisp Evian or San Pellegrino.
On the radio would be playing Hotel Costes.
We would first stop at
a co-op garden where you can
plant your own peas, carrots and cabbages
and out from behind the giant Sunflowers
would jump Sam!
After hugs and jubilation
we would jaunt on over to Barnes and Nobles
to look at magazines and drink hot steamy
hot chocolates.
Martha Stewart would be signing copies of her books
and would insist on accompanying us
to Normandy for lunch.
We would indulge in soup, salad, sandwiches
and decadent pastries like those from France.
Martha would make origami doves
out of our napkins and invite us to
Turkey Hill for Christmas holiday.
On our list of stops would be some
thrift stores and antique shops.
you will find some copper pots,
a vintage croquet set,
and an old school bicycle.
I will find a velvet picture
of a clown crying.
Next we would have to
rush off to the private concert
that Sting is putting on for us in Sundance.
Out from behind the stage
would pop Mardi!
We would dance to the feverish beats
and then when we tire and faint,
we'll invite Gordon and Trudy to accompany
our growing party to Takashi where we will
savor fresh sushi made in authentic Japanese fashion.
Next, we will hurry up to Park City
for art shows in all the galleries
and out from behind the ice sculpture of you
will pop Audry!
She has made her famous bread pudding
for us all and we gobble it down
whilst laughing and discussing latest trends.
we will retire to an old renovated farmhouse
where Sam has lined the pebbly
walkway with lanterns and trailing ribbons
on shepherd hooks.
There will be a crisp mossy smell in the air
and songbirds will be serenading us as we enter.
Inside behind the bails of hay
will pop out all your loved ones- family and friends.
They will attack you with loves and kisses
and then we will have a dance party,
play "radio video",
and eat lots of candy.
I love you so much bud!
My life is sweeter,
and merrier,
with you in it!



Nutella on toast


Oilily Papillon Perfume

purchased at Anthropologie

reminds me of something I would have worn

in Junior High


Homemade Purple Play Dough

1 cup water

1 Tbs. Vegetable Oil

1/2 cup Salt

1 Tbs. Cream of Tarter

1 cup Flour

Food Coloring

Combine water, oil, salt, cream of tarter
and food coloring in a sauce pan.
Heat until warm.
Then, remove from heat and add flour.
Stir, then knead until smooth.
Store in zip-lock bag.


Alfalfa Sprouts


Earth Wind and Fire

I AM album

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Restless night thinking about…..everything
5 am arise
Throw laundry in
Help prepare 2 reports,
One on cougars,
One on rocks and minerals
Grab bagels for breakfast
11 kids here for playdate/preschool
Supposed to teach the letter X
Sat them in front of the movie X-Men
Just kidding
Ate sprinkle donuts
Rushed to school for Show and Teach
Passed out candy rocks
Home to clean the destroyed house
Cuddled the babe
Nursed him the Nectar of Life
Skipping out on Card Group
School Carnival poster and games
Hanging over my head
Fridge is empty
Ollie sniffs Tades feet
Tade giggles
You know you’re desperate
When snacking on chocolate chips
Beanie Weenies for lunch
Quiet time with hubby
He works so hard
9 houses for sale
Market bites the big one
Must apply for 2 birth certificates
And 3 passports ASAP
Addy has diary breech meltdown
Landon jumps when he plays video games
Catching up on emails
Noticed there’s a tree blooming in the backyard
Pizza night
Going to bed early

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

“It is a sociological fact that women need women.
We need deep and satisfying and loyal
friendships with each other.”
-Marjorie Hinckley
image and quote from
Women need women-
when times are hard,
when something bad happens
or when sadness surrounds our lives.
Sometimes we just want to be left alone.
But our sisters,
blood or not,
know when to step in.
Sometimes it's a meal,
sometimes it's cleaning the house,
sometimes it's a card, or flowers,
sometimes it's just knowing they are there
for you to call when you're ready.
It is part of our godly makeup
to nurture and love,
to reach out and feel the aches
of others like they were our own aches,
and then to know what to do
to ease those burdens and pains.
Today I am thinking of the women in my life
who have lifted me up,
and those who need lifting.
The women who have extended friendships to me
and who have made my days brighter.
I am praying for my sisters that need
a little something extra right now.
I am praying for my sisters
who need comfort and peace.

Monday, April 21, 2008


This year our friends, The Belnaps, are the Ambassador Family for the Utah March of Dimes. Ashlie and Brandon had a very complicated triplet pregnancy that really tested their bodies and spirits.
This is the article from the Deseret News about their story-


Family spreading word on baby health
By Lois M. CollinsDeseret News
Published: April 14, 2008

Ashlie and Brandon Belnap were almost halfway through their second pregnancy, expecting triplets this time, when doctors told them the girl baby had a fatal condition and was unlikely to survive to birth.

Four weeks later, tiny Zoie died in the womb and a few days after that, Ashlie went into labor, "with no turning back." The surviving triplets, Liam and Aiden, were born at only 24 weeks gestation, checking in at a very small 1 pound 4 ounces, and 1 pound 6 ounces, respectively. They were each a mere 12 inches long.

This year, the West Jordan family of five, including Liam and Aiden, now 4, and Kaleb, 6, is serving as the Utah March of Dimes Ambassador Family, helping to spread the word about birth defects and prematurity and ways to keep baby healthy. As they watch their boys play and see how far they've come, it seems nothing short of remarkable, Ashlie says.

"They're somewhat delayed, but they are pretty amazing. I've seen babies born at 25 or 26 weeks (gestation) who are worse off. Liam has a paralyzed vocal cord and sounds kind of funny. Aiden has mild cerebral palsy, but he had a really rough go at birth," including a couple of brain hemorrhages, a pneumothorax, seven chest tubes and a rare congenital eye disease that left him blind in his left eye. And they both had some of the common preemie conditions, she says, including a heart problem called patent ductus arteriosus that had to be repaired, apnea, feeding tubes, blood transfusions, ventilators and infections, among others. Aiden was in the newborn intensive care for 133 days, Liam stayed nearly a week longer.

Even when they were well enough to go home, the prognosis was less than rosy. "We were given a 90 percent disability rate for both. But they're doing fabulous."

They are both in preschool and love riding the bus twice a week — "the best thing ever." They have a few delays in learning and speech, but they look and act like typical 4-year-olds, she says — "loving and funny and fun. They do argue, though."

The entire family gives thanks in many ways, including making the annual walk for the March of Dimes, to raise money for research to prevent prematurity and birth defects and to develop treatments. The long year after they lost Zoie and faced myriad challenges with the boys, they participated in the walk for the first time. Now they're regulars.

"We walk for love, life and the desire that every baby will be born healthy," Ashlie says.

Of the two boy, Liam is the physical, outgoing child, who loves to jump and climb and chase his older brother. Aiden prefers to sit back and play with his cars and trains. He's a little more self-entertaining; Liam craves being with other kids.

The March for Babies will be held at Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake City on Saturday, April 26. Registration begins at 9 a.m. and the walk starts an hour later. Walks will also be held in Logan, Layton and Provo and you can get more information by calling 801-746-5540 or going online to
Donations can only be taken until the 22nd (tomorrow), but people are encouraged to attend the walk on Saturday at Wheeler Farm. This is a great event to support research of premature births and to understand birth defects so treatments can be found.
We love you Belnaps!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nate with son Max
Nate is the husband of Shelly,
Chris' sister.
With one hour to spare,
we want to wish him a
fantabulous Happy Birthday
and hope that his day was filled with joy!
This is a letter we are submitting on his behalf
as a new candidate for president.
Dear Nation of the Stars and Stripes,
We would like to propose that Nathan Smith be
the head of this great corporation we call America.
Nate is a born leader.
He could run a company with his eyes closed
and with his hands tied behind his back.
With a proven track record of knowledgable business savvy,
he could pull this country's head out from under the bushel,
and rocket the successes straight for the stars.
What does N.A.T.E. stand for,
I'll tell you what it stands for-
N- Narly!
With a wicked sense of humor,
and magical storytelling talents,
he will leave your cheeks tingling with glee
as he truly defines the meaning of Boss and Awesome.
A- Armored!
Nothing can get in this soldiers way,
he will climb the highest mountain,
and scale the tallest ladder to reach the insurmountable
challenges that come his way.
He is armed and ready for the fight!
T- Tenacity!
With spirit and fervor, he puts his heart and soul
into every experience he becomes a part of.
E- Excellence!
Nate will settle for nothing but the best...
an excellent father, an excellent husband,
and an all around excellent dude,
He's the man you want on your team!
Do not be misled into thinking that he is only a
"Trump" man
waiting to take over the world...
Nate has a soft and tender side too.
He loves babies.
He will carry you at the end of a race when your
tired feet cannot bare to take one more step.
He gives great hugs,
he loves him some artist formerly known as Prince,
for reals.
On the golf course,
or the race track,
at the backyard barbecue,
or at the negotiation table in the boardroom,
Nate will shine and prevail,
and that's why we say
Vote Nate in 2008,
or 2009,
or whenever we're supposed to vote...
The Schofield Clan
Shine on Brother!!!!
The Smith Family
We love you,
we miss you,
we wish you Happy Tidings to you and yours.
Happy Birthday Mr. President!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Today is "Jessie Boy's" birthday!!

Jessie married my sister Emily.
He is a cool dude.
Only a poem would suffice...
Jessie from Vegas with wildness in his eyes,
Rock climber, cliff diver, no risk does he despise.
He has no fear, he has no qualms,
he'd run through a building filled with fire and arms.
Maker of friends, shooter of guns,
rider of mobiles, only "boring" would he shun.
Jessie has style, gusto, and spunk,
with an ear for sweet music
he's never in a creative funk.
Takes care of his wifey, takes care of his babe,
a sweet life for all has he lovingly made.
Working hard at his job
and hard at his school,
still a smile on his face keeping all things cool.
He plays with the youngins'
making burritos and such,
they adore and love him oh so much.
Strong and fit, Jessie could be a marine,
drop him out of an airplane in Mongolia,
and tomorrow he'd be seen...
doing push ups on knuckles, sit ups upside down,
swimming in icey waters with narry a frown.
The time is always sweeter with Jessie by your side,
he knows how to make everything fun
and that life is like a ride.
He loves to eat healthy, no junk food for him,
the body is a temple you must keep it trim.
His devotion to God and country cannot be matched,
he is a true blue American,
his flag you could not snatch.
Loyal to his bro's, humor in his blood,
he loves a good discussion,
like a cow does to it's cud.
We love you Jessie oh so much-
we're glad you're in the family....
hope you have a SUPER BIRTHDAY
eat a piece of cake for me!
if you were our pet llama,
we'd definitely call you Stanley!
eat lots of magic jelly beans,
and you'll have rainbow pee!
Close your eyes and make a wish,
Look! A money tree!
you are so cool,
we think you are the bees knee!

First time we met Jessie at our Lehi house

Jessie and daughter Lilly

Friday, April 18, 2008



Today I hosted a "Ladies Who Lunch"
potluck at my house.
These were some of the yummies served.
Not so pretty anymore, but still very yummy.
fresh cut pineapple
blueberries (I used blackberries)
green grapes
Whip for 2 minutes the following-
3/4 cup milk
1 3oz. pkg banana pudding
3/4 cup sour cream
1/2 can crushed pineapple
Pour mixture over fruit.
Mix the following and form into a ring-
Fancy shredded cheese
Best Foods Mayonnaise
chopped Cilantro
small can of diced green chilies
put Raspberry Jam in the center
serve with club crackers

Melaleuca's Soy Cinnamon Vanilla candle


Cleans sheets and blankets on my lumpy bumpy bed.

There's nothing like jumping in a cozy bed

after an exhausting day of housewifery.


A clean kitchen....very rare occurence.


Hotel Costes 8

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today I did my part to stimulate the economy.
To make this possible,
Papa Bear watched the Leprechaun,

( We are now going to refer to my strapping husband,
by the term my kids affectionately named him,
"Papa Bear".
He is not comfortable with the term "the hunk"
as it sounds similiar to "the hulk".
That's okay, we're flexible in blogland.)

Landon stayed home to replay
important scenes from Lord of the Rings
with his "action figures",
poor Frodo,
and Oliver insisted on accompanying Addy and I
on our city tour to find a store
that supplied silly putty.
We finally accomplished our mission by ending up at
Walmart after visiting two different Dollar Stores with no luck.
I should have known the mecca of all shopping
would have the coveted prize.
Addison was thrilled to get two pieces in glitter gold,
and a neon yellow and pink, both only 88 cents, SCORE!


we picked up chili from Wendy's,

breadsticks from Little Caesars,

and arrived home with pride in our hearts,

for we knew our monetary contributions would

indubedetly stop a recession from rolling on.

God Bless America,

and Walmart,

and Wendys,

and Little Caesars,

and Dollar Stores.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

image from Threadbared

To be loyal to the readers that I can count on one hand,
I have decided to do a new thing
On days where I have too much to do,
(like today where I'm dealing with a toddler who has pooping issues,
and is calling me from downstairs on the toilet
where I have banished him until he "goes")
or when the creative well has run dry,
I will just post something I've written in the past.
For some family members,
who make up most of my readers,
this will be deja vu, try to just deal with it,
I love you all the same.
For the rest of you,
all two of you,
it will be like magic!
Thoughtful tidbits created in the past,
for your enjoyment in the present,
that you can forget you read in the future.
Wow, that wasn't as deep as it sounded in my head.
circa March 14 2007
the perfect balance of soft oven baked bread,
thinly sliced "ungoogely" meat,
fresh crunchy veggies like lettuce and cucumber,
red juicy tomatoes, firm yet creamy avocadoe,
something sour like pickles or banana peppers,
soft pungent cheese, tangy mustard with a hint of mayo and vinegar,
and to top it off, a sprinkling of salt and freshly ground pepper.
let the salivation commence!
the smell of asphalt after a fresh rain,
the wift of an exotic flower, or newly cutgrass.
Anything smelling of life is better than the deadness of winter-
except recess kid sweat,
or husband four-wheeling smell for that matter.
Spring....bring it on!
there is something about a childs
unsightely spandex dance costume
that is made all better by the trimmings of sparkly,
mesmerizing sequins-oh the possibilities!
"Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits,
the rebels, the trouble makers,
the round pegs in the square holes...
the ones who see things differently --
they're not fond of rules...
You can quote them, disagree with them,
glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do
is ignore them because they change things...
they push the human race forward,
and while some may see them as the crazy ones,
we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough
to think that they can change the world,
are the ones who do."
-Steve Jobs
any song including one of these elements
is sure to get your heart fluttering with rhythmic palpatations.
Bongos- Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John,
you have to wait until the the chorus to hear them,
but the whistling is totally worth it!
Cowbell- none other than Don't Fear the Reaper
by The Blue Oyster Cult.
Castanets- Little Darlin' by The Diamonds,
an oldie, but good for washing the car to.
of a two year old
after they get out of the tub.
(I'm such a mom)
on an old dirt road
past an abandoned house
with stunning architectural elements
like great single pane windows,
rotting wood, chippy paint moldings,
disheveled rusty metal in the yard, creepiness lurking inside,
and black ravens flying overhead.
I can just see the doll head missing one eye lying on the kitchen floor,
or the stash of a million dollars
hidden in the loose brick of the fireplace.
(We were dropping off a load at the dump
the other day and I asked Chris if he would be embarassed
if I got out and started looking for stuff...
I have no shame.)
better than any popsicle,
just try to stop at 10.
The feel of the cold skin popping between your teeth
followed by juicy grape goodness is bliss.
I have been known to laugh out loud at this website.
You must go back through the archives to see and read
the precious gems. Sure to bring a smile to your face,
definitely my kind of humor.
first discovered her Nordic style on the cover
of the Keane album. Very clean, colorful, and imaginative.
I wish she would do a mural in my house.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm such a stealer because I copied this picture from my sisters blog,

but I couldn't resist because it is so darn cute!

We want to

on his GRADUATION from

All your hard work has paid off!

We'll miss you guys when you leave us all in the dust

to live in sunny California!

No fair!

Friday, April 11, 2008

but I need a debate settled.
Chris insists that you just put it in the fridge to chill,
and I insist that yogurt pie is always eaten frozen.
What is your opinion?
Nana's Yogurt Pie Recipe-
mix together...
2 lemon yoplait yogurts
1 container cool-whip
juice and zest from 1 small lemon
pour into a graham cracker crust
let set 2-3 hours

Sarah Jessica Parker

My allergies are worse than ever for some reason-
even the caffeine and allergy pills aren't improving matters.
A shocking development is my switch from Diet Coke to Diet Pepsi.





she pulls flowers out of her arm,

so if the sight of this makes you uneasy, don't watch.

It's not creepy, just a little different,

but trust me, it's worth it.

(discovered through Cassandra Barney on youtube)

Desert & Dame de Lotus

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm supposed to be cleaning my house right now.

But while I'm on a little lunch break,
I found a new wonderific blog

and found this post from Country Living

about a old renovated school house.

This is a dream of mine.

Everytime we pass an old building

whether its a fire station, church, or school,

I tell Chris how much I'd love to make our home in it.

He thinks I'm a bit crazy, but someday it will happen.

Until then,

I will look adoringly at other peoples projects

and dream on.

go check out

pictures from Country Living via urban grace interiors

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


engagement photo of Rachel and Devin taken by moi
Every family has a movie star.
Rachel is ours.
She always looks perfectly fabulous....
has great hair,
great makeup,
a great smile,
a killer body,
grace, style, and poise.
But unlike most movie stars,
Rachel has a heart of gold.
She is also the peace-maker in our family.
She is soft spoken,
never raises her voice,
is kind to everyone,
and has limitless talents.
It has been so fun to see her blossom into an amazing and patient mama.
I've watched Rachel grow up from a quiet and coy little girl
into a sweet and sassy mom who always keeps her cool.
cooks and bakes delicious food,
sews everything from aprons to quilts to Christmas stockings,
decorates with classy modern style,
runs miles without breaking a sweat,
supports her husband through work and school,
and chases her toddler while wearing stilettos...
who does that?
At the end of the day when all her accomplishments are shining
she still stays humble and unassuming.
Rachel and her son Crew
Before she was married and lived with us for a while
I remember going out with her and being in awe at her gift of turning heads.
We affectionately called her Britney, or Shakira, or Beyonce,
or any other celebrity diva's name.
As stunning as she may be,
a Diva she is not.
Rachel cares for others and nurtures with a listening ear.
I'm glad she has the responsibility of family movie star
because I just couldn't live up to the expectations,
it's a hard job,
and Rachel is the lady for it.
I was with you so I'm excused from being late:)

Rachels birthday dinner at Outback with the girls

Friday, April 4, 2008


Confetti salsa with Lime chips

(Green, red, orange and yellow Peppers,
one can Black Beans rinsed, thawed frozen Corn,
Cilantro, Tomatoes, Avocadoes,
Good Seasons Zesty Italian packet made with Balsamic Vinegar)

Lollia, Inspire

Kisses on Leprechaun Chubby Cheeks

Art of Maggie Taylor


Flight of the Conchords (thank you Berta)

Splish Splash!

Give-Away Results!!
Thank you for leaving your comments!
It was fun to hear what you’re all listening to.
Here is the PLAYLIST I compiled from your music.
This is quite a mix, a little something for everyone.

Zippadee Doo Dah, Mickey Mouse (Cheri)
No Ceiling, Eddie Veder (Nadia)
The Phantom of the Opera, Michael Crawford (Jennifer)
Pinch Me, Barenaked Ladies (Karly)
Umbrella, Rihanna (Rachel)
Kryptonite, 3 Doors Down (Charisa)
Moondance, Van Morrison (Lawdy)
Four Leaf Clover, Badly Drawn Boy (Danielle)
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk , Trace Adkins (Megan)
Drop It Like It’s Hot, Snoop Dogg (Audrey)
Makeda, Les Nubians (Jairus)
Pillars Of The Earth, Ken Follett (Cali)
We’re All In This Together, High School Musical (Kary)
Brand New Colony, Postal Service (me)

Now, to announce the winner….
with a little help from my large nostril jedi...

Email me your address and I’ll send this off.
Watch later in the month for another give-away!!
P e a c e O u t .

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In a perfect world
I would have announced "the shop" opening weeks ago.
despite life being unpredictable,
and my health, fatigue, and 100 children being what they are,
I’m sure some of you have noticed me slowly adding things

over there--------------->

Now I would like to officially announce my Etsy Shop.

There you will find handmade




And anything else I decide to stay up late making
while eating candy and drinking caffeine.

If there is something you want,
But don’t see,
Let me know and I’d be happy to do a special order for you.


In celebration of this endeavor,
I am giving away a Spring Fling of Goodies like the one listed,
Only it will include a stained glass charm and a bib too.
Leave a comment stating the c.d. currently in you car,
and Friday morning,
I will randomly choose from the comments

This is going to be TOTALLY TUBULAR!!!
Don’t forget to comment!
Love you all!!!!