Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nate with son Max
Nate is the husband of Shelly,
Chris' sister.
With one hour to spare,
we want to wish him a
fantabulous Happy Birthday
and hope that his day was filled with joy!
This is a letter we are submitting on his behalf
as a new candidate for president.
Dear Nation of the Stars and Stripes,
We would like to propose that Nathan Smith be
the head of this great corporation we call America.
Nate is a born leader.
He could run a company with his eyes closed
and with his hands tied behind his back.
With a proven track record of knowledgable business savvy,
he could pull this country's head out from under the bushel,
and rocket the successes straight for the stars.
What does N.A.T.E. stand for,
I'll tell you what it stands for-
N- Narly!
With a wicked sense of humor,
and magical storytelling talents,
he will leave your cheeks tingling with glee
as he truly defines the meaning of Boss and Awesome.
A- Armored!
Nothing can get in this soldiers way,
he will climb the highest mountain,
and scale the tallest ladder to reach the insurmountable
challenges that come his way.
He is armed and ready for the fight!
T- Tenacity!
With spirit and fervor, he puts his heart and soul
into every experience he becomes a part of.
E- Excellence!
Nate will settle for nothing but the best...
an excellent father, an excellent husband,
and an all around excellent dude,
He's the man you want on your team!
Do not be misled into thinking that he is only a
"Trump" man
waiting to take over the world...
Nate has a soft and tender side too.
He loves babies.
He will carry you at the end of a race when your
tired feet cannot bare to take one more step.
He gives great hugs,
he loves him some artist formerly known as Prince,
for reals.
On the golf course,
or the race track,
at the backyard barbecue,
or at the negotiation table in the boardroom,
Nate will shine and prevail,
and that's why we say
Vote Nate in 2008,
or 2009,
or whenever we're supposed to vote...
The Schofield Clan
Shine on Brother!!!!
The Smith Family
We love you,
we miss you,
we wish you Happy Tidings to you and yours.
Happy Birthday Mr. President!!


Heidi said...

I'll vote for Nate. But how will Wal-Mart survive without him?