Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lazy Saturday Afternoon
It's 2pm and we're all still in our pajamas.
Addy made one of our families favorites....
G e r m a n P a n c a k e s
delicious with just syrup, or lemon juice and powdered sugar
You never know what kind of mountain ranges will appear!

German Pancakes

1 cube of marg. or butter

8 eggs, beaten

1 cup flour

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 cup milk

Preheat oven to 450.

Melt butter in 9x12 inch pan.

Mix remaining ingredients well.

Pour in pan of hot butter.

Bake 20-25 minutes.


Friday, March 28, 2008



Edamame sprinkled with kosher salt


Caldrea Lavendar Pine Linen Spray


fuzzy yellow chenille fabric for the Leprechauns baby quilt


my first Etsy purchase from The Black Apple


4 Minutes by Madonna and Justin Timberlake,

the hunk is a patient man.
this week i had.....


read- the giver

will read- the screwtape letters


I brought 8 water bottle thingies to swap, long live the cheesecake factories cobb salad, and i love you aud!


two quilt squares completed, thank you Jen!

and tonight,


picture courtesy of flickr- kimberlykv

I don't think I'll ever be allowed out of the house again.

In my defense,

three of these were actually church related events,

all groups formed by my ward,

that happen to fall on the same week.

Thank you honey for letting me spread my wings.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sara and Belinda, Fourth of July 2005

If I were to spend a day with my MOM on her birthday,

this is what we would do.......


First I'd pick her up in a Suburban

reminiscent of the one she used

to haul around her eight children in.

On her seat would be waiting....

a bag of chocolate covered cinnamon bears,

a fantastic pair of dangly earrings for her to put on,

a big delicious purse to carry,

with a lipstick in every pretty shade

and a note tucked in the pocket

telling her thank you for all she's done for me.

In the cup holder there would be either

an ice cold Propel or Diet Coke,

and on the radio Earth Wind and Fire would be playing,
oh, and I would chuck her cell phone into the pond
so no one can bug her.


Our FIRST stop would be manicures and pedicures

for the hands that tirelessly....

sewed adorable matching outfits that her whiney children

wore to Lagoon, Sea World, and family pictures,

for the hands that tirelessly....

spent hours scratching and rubbing backs of doting kids,

for the hands that tirelessly....

did load after load of dirty laundry,

for the hands that painted, decorated, and cleaned

to make our house a home, and a lovely one at that.

For the feet that stood.....

for hours and hours canning peaches, pears, pickles, and applesauce,

for the feet that stood......

in lines at discount stores for the perfect sale,

for the feet that stood.....

bouncing babies endlessly singing "bye-o bye-o".

for the feet that paced and vacuumed

while she thought and worried over each childs stage in life.


THe SECOND stop would be a book store.

There she would find

shelves and shelves of books

written about Everest climbs, Amazon quests,

ultra marathon runners, political harmony,

spiritual awakening, and medical miracles....

she would be able to just touch a book

and by the power of osmosis it would be read,

and the best part,

every author would be there with undivided attention

to answer her countless questions.

But she would have to read me a Dr. Seuss book

just for kicks.


The THIRD stop would be a nap,

under a tree,

in a desserted park,

where no one can burst in

with loud demands

to wake the sweet mother

who hasn't had an uninterrupted nap

in 50 years,

'cause mom's need naps.


By now it's time for lunch at Cafe Rio.

She would order a chicken salad, no chips, house dressing,

I would order the shredded beef salad, with chips, double dressing & guac.

We would chat about the funny things my kids have been doing.

I would ask her how to teach them respect and obedience.

She would laugh because I'm still the same.

I would laugh because she has cilantro between her teeth.


The FIFTH stop would be a music store,

freshly stocked with wall to wall cd's

of the most fantabulous workout music

your pea-pickin' heart has ever heard.

and guess what....?

Buy one,

get 20 free!


The SIXTH stop would be a Symposium

given by a descendent of C.S. Lewis

and it's catered by BYU,

and their handing out

mint chocolate brownies for us to snack on,


Pachabels Canon is playing in the background.

and the caterers just also happen to be in the choir,

and now they're going to sing "Come Thou Fount"

just to her.


The SEVENTH stop would be to a water park.

She would go down the steepest slide,

and prove to all of us

that she is still young at heart,


and full of new found adventure.


The FOLLOWING stops would be to



Taipan Trading

and some obscure boutique that has

the best sugar cookies your mouth has ever savored.


because we are the one hundredth shopper,

we get a set of free topiaries.


After getting some super finds,

eating yummy food that is magically fat & calorie free,

having great conversation,

trying something daring and new,

and laughing till our bellies ache,

we would go home to a sparkling clean house,

snuggle up on the couch with soft blankets,

a bucket of popcorn,

and watch her picks of

Hitchcock, Cary Grant, or A&E's latest installment of Jane Eyre.


Wow, what a great day that would be.

That is my wish for you sweet mother,

I hope you know how much you mean to me,

and that I am,

because of you.

i love you

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I totally scored at the thrift store yesterday...
3 Currier and Ives prints
big glass crock
3 old childrens books
fabulous vintage print of girl
skirt for Add
golden shoes
cake pedestal
Thank you people
who tire of their things
and donate them
so I can snatch them up
and enjoy!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Posting three days in a row, this is a world record!
Today was a typical Sunday.
Chris let me take my weekly nap after church
while he fed the kids quesadillas for lunch.
When I awoke,
the kids had made a "Leprechaun Trap".

notice it says "Welcome Leprechauns" inside and there is a trail of green marshmallows for them to eat on their way in.

I ate left-overs from the salad I made for Gracies baptism yesterday.

Gracie was so cute. Her cousins adore her!

We're so proud of Grace, and we love her kindness and sweet example.

Then I chased the carb overload with a sugar overload and made cookies.

Now, with kids in bed, I'm off to make stuff for the shop.

Good night!
bow tie pasta
diced artichokes
diced grape tomatoes
cut up spinach
parmesan cheese
toasted pine nuts
diced chicken sauteed in half of dressing
pour remaining dressing over salad
(kraft sun dried tomato dressing)
2/3 cup shortening
2/3 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla
3 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
big mix of chocolate chips (white, milk, semi-sweet)
bake at 375 for 12 minutes

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Great street fashion captured here....

Why don't we have people dressed like this
who walk around Utah?

Friday, March 14, 2008


Yellow Curry Chicken with potatoes, onions, and carrots

from Thai Village....mmmmmmmm!

Miss Dior Cherie Perfume


A homemade pedicure on my sparkly feet

ART by Melissa Peck

Verve Remixed 2 Album, funky-fresh!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

........just around the corner

Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Little House on the Prairie" by SakuraMitsukai

I have been cooped up in the house for a few months. My girls nights out have been sparse because we took a little hiatus from card group- (which will resume at the end of the month- thank goodness because my scissors and glue sticks are itching to be used and I miss the girls) and the 3 book clubs I used to frequent have also claimed me M.I.A.. I use to feel greedy about my nights out, but I realize since I haven’t had any, that they are key and crucial to keeping this Mama sane.

How did the pioneer women do it stuck on the frontier? That’s probably why they were always gathered at the general store buying calico fabrics for the one dress they would wear all year and buying licorice sticks for the wee ones. It was their moment to get out of the cabin and gossip with other homely homemakers and about how old man Jenkins hit the bottle again or how the harvest will be tough because of the drought that year. They would size up each others lace and button details on their frocks, and give each other hugs of support and comfort when times were rough. Have things really changed so much in 150 years?

Today I have a twenty dollar bill in my pocket, and I’m going to run away to Salt Lake (land of plenty), and I’m going to buy me something fun, and go to all my favorite places, and get inspired, and breath air that hasn’t been recirculating in my home for 6 months, and tow the baby Leprechaun around in his pirate booties, and maybe grab a yummy sweet from my favorite bakery (The Normandy), and have a couple moments to myself to think about Sara stuff, and blast My weird and wonderful music in the strange smelling mini van.

Then, when my money has run out, and the sun is ready to set, and the reality of my family waiting for me back at home has set in, and I am jolted with the reminder that I have to teach 10 boisterous children in Sunbeam class tomorrow, and I have to clean clothes for the kids to wear to church, and the dishes that were left in the sink are beckoning my name- I will hurry home where my children and the Hunk will be anxiously waiting on the porch lined with colorful balloons and they will present me with armfuls of roses and chocolates. With teary eyes they will profess their undying love and appreciation for me and ask me never to leave again because the world stops spinning when I’m not around. I will graciously take a bow, cook them dinner, tidy up the house, tuck them in bed, and then marvel at my wonderful and rich life.

We’ll see if today really turns out this way.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Just as I realized it had been a week since I last posted- a knock knock came at my front door...and what to my wondering eyes did appear? A clever box that made my heart skip a beat! My garden swap treasures had arrived! Goofy smiles and all, I was not prepared for the wondrous trinkets my special box would hold. You would think that we were old friends by observing all the "Sara-ish" stuff she included.

Lavendar Soap....I mean....Savon Parfume de Marseille- Lavande Broyee

Lavendar Sachet....which made the whole box and all its contents smell like a fresh field of loveliness!

Sweet little notepad

Zinnia of my favorite flowers!

Tin Planter for a Black cool!

Sprout Salad, Alfalfa....the little growing sprouts are just the spring fix I need

Pea Seeds counted and packaged by students with special needs from a Middle School....I Luv Peas!

and a way funky picture of a red shoe wearing lass near some moss and stepping stones


You totally made my week!

And let me just say,

if only I lived nearby,

I would visit your fabulous store often!