Monday, March 29, 2010

hey hazel,

how you doin'?

food co-op

my sisters friends are sweeping in from all sides to save the day.
gloria told me about the "glorious" food co-op
and then meg fixed my technical difficulties with blogger...
thank you so much girls (and eliza for sharing her friends)!!
saturday i drove to blackfoot to pick up my discounted fresh delectable produce because i missed the idaho falls deadline... but it was still worth it.  for only $15 i came home with a laundry basket full of vegies and fruit.  go check it out and see if this cool service is offered in your area!
i'm eating asparagus as i type this. yum.  does anyone else eat mayonnaise with their asparagus?  hey, don't knock it till you try it.  also, does anybody have a good recipe for cauliflower?  i'm thinking of boiling and smashing it like mashed potatoes...

the food pick up

technical difficulties

the universe does not want me to blog.
firstly, i finally fixed my camera lense... i am a very visual person and wouldn't dream of posting without the accompaniment of photos. now that i am back with camera in hand, and thoughts swirling in my noggen, and events to be recorded, blogger is not letting me post them.
dang you blogger.
i'm about ready to break up with you and have a serious rebound with typepad.
hopefully soon i will be back in the saddle.
i hate getting bucked off my own blog,
but i'll keep trying to get on...
yippee ki-yay.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

s'il vous plait?

do you think i could get papa bear to abandon his carhartt gear for a day to put on some of these threads?
a girl can dream.
of course, i shouldn't be talking,
my uniform of frumpiness is no turn-on either.

photos via the sartorialist

Thursday, March 11, 2010

tooele meets idaho

snake bite.lemon meringue.park avenue antiques.antique gallery.brownstone.downeast outfitters.grand teton mall.the topic.bath and bodyworks.babes bakery(not).reeds dairy.
jennifer, tylee, nancy, laurie
niiiice, classy, idaho falls... crazy driving... naughty vase... tin... wooden crates... italian cafe... oil cans... cirque de soleil... i'm feeling yummy head to toe... cashmere lotion... bust a move... the miraculous push-up... tee's... $10 bag... families... coconut... italian cafe... i love... fried zucchini... cruising 17th... it's time to make you sweat... sleeping beauty... kid prizes... catch up... essence... camera skillz... party planner... j'adore le musique... chawlie... scrumptious... you have bewitched me, body and soul...
favorite things:
sara- "you are one cool chick" themed boxes filled with
candies, chapstick, chick cookie cutter, necklace and music.
nancy- cd of bon jovi tunes
(in memoriam of the weekend that would have been)
jennifer- exquisite caramel apples
laurie- lip candy... soothing burts bees lip balm and candy
tylee- aaaamazing caramel popcorn in two varieties
birthday box and peaced out cappy... thank you!!

until next time my pretties.
you will always have a place by the falls.
sasha loves you.
thank you jen & laurie for the pictures:)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


to zion

saturday i ran to utah with charlie for some special family events.
a few of my fabulous aunts and cousins watched my baby and three other chillens' while we went to the draper temple for a wedding. afterwards, they had my cheeks hurting with their hilarious crazy antics and stories... i adore my family, and there is never a dull moment when i'm with them.
there is some debate amongst the baby whisperers as to who their inner bewitched character is... i'll just let them duke it out for the best spot of sabrina's cool cousin, serena.
are you endora, aunt clara, sabrina, or serena?
high on a mountain top...
so glad i was able to fit in a quick lunch with a dear friend.
best quotes of the weekend-
"there's so much opportunity in this grand ol' country of america."
- matthew case

"hurs can weaw it, if hurs can fit into it."

-lillia smith

what did you do all day?

a little of this...

a little of that.


crayon remnants.
250 degrees in a silicone pan on a cookie sheet.
10-15 minutes or until melted.
let cool and then go to town.