Tuesday, March 2, 2010

to zion

saturday i ran to utah with charlie for some special family events.
a few of my fabulous aunts and cousins watched my baby and three other chillens' while we went to the draper temple for a wedding. afterwards, they had my cheeks hurting with their hilarious crazy antics and stories... i adore my family, and there is never a dull moment when i'm with them.
there is some debate amongst the baby whisperers as to who their inner bewitched character is... i'll just let them duke it out for the best spot of sabrina's cool cousin, serena.
are you endora, aunt clara, sabrina, or serena?
high on a mountain top...
so glad i was able to fit in a quick lunch with a dear friend.
best quotes of the weekend-
"there's so much opportunity in this grand ol' country of america."
- matthew case

"hurs can weaw it, if hurs can fit into it."

-lillia smith