Tuesday, April 13, 2010

woe is not me

i just sent out a very snarky reminder to the mothers of my cub scouts that went a little something like this...
*reminder for tomorrow, wednesday april 14th*
kids come home from school and mom nags to do homework 3pm
peel a video game controller out of their hands 3:05pm
feed kids a snack because heaven forbid they starve 3:30pm
wolf and bear den meeting 4-5 my house!
webelos den meeting 5-6 my house
dinner for family sometime, somewhere, somehow.
relief society birthday dinner 6pm at the church
hip hop dance class 7pm
kids hungry again, toss 'em a piece of bread
baths? maybe next week.
put kids to bed 8pm
assess the damage to the house and kitchen, cry a little.
put kids to bed again 9pm, and 9:15, and 9:30 and...
have a stiff drink(dietpepsi) and half a pan of brownies 10pm
think of all the things you forgot to do,
eat other half pan of brownies...
eventually pass out on the couch.
i hope they know i was kidding,
sort of.
my sarcasm stems from several places...
the place on my hands and knees where i've been cleaning up spilled milk, permanent marker, bright red lipstick, desitin, toothpaste, chocolate, and who knows what else put there by the devils apprentice (aka, the leprechaun, aka, tade) he has been on one serious tour of terror lately.  i'm sure it has something to do with charlie, but i give him tons of attention, and have never had such a "busy into trouble" child like this before... more on this later.
also on the docket, every day since "the incident" (a boy got sick on the bus) i have had to convince my kindergartener that it's okay to go to school... he's been traumatized and thinks about it constantly.  not a day goes by that he doesn't talk about "the incident".  i'm trying to act cool and brush it off, but i also want him to know that i care and love him and that his feelings are valid...  i just really want him to get his mind off it and back into life.  i don't know if talking about it feeds his fear or resolves his issues.  it's kind of like that story where you walk into a doctors office and read all the pamphlets on the table about diseases and start wondering if you have them yourself, even when you didn't know they existed just a few minutes before you sat down. oh well, this too shall pass.  
then there's the blooming tweenager in all her glory.  to add to her list of woes, including no cell phone, and no life (according to her), papa bear accidentally broke her finger with a broom.  i think he feels as bad as she does... but amongst the tears a little part of her feels cool to have a broken finger (you know that part that feels cool to get braces and glasses).  we let the puppy out in the front yard and it started to dart for the busy road, so chris got a broom to do some tough love and then addy reached for milo's collar just as chris went to strike the dog (which for the record, does not jive with me) at least she doesn't have to go to piano lessons today right? there's always a silver lining.
and then there's me.  little 'ol me with my messy house, to do lists, lack of training for the 10k i'm supposed to run in two weeks... and the things going on in our life that i can't share on a public blog.  one day at a time right?  the funny thing is, even if our list of woes stretched to the moon and back again, there will always be someone who has it easier or harder than we do... and as i sat down to share my thoughts i found the following pictures on my desktop.  they are from my aunts husband corey who is a doctor and went to volunteer in haiti.  he is amazing and has a huge heart, to drop everything with his crazy busy life and go down and help those in need, despite danger or the unknown.  these images immediately humbled me and i've stopped complaining... i just wish i could retract my snarky message to the cub scout mothers.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

5SF Edition 43

metro mints- lemonmint water
lavender vanilla bean fleur de sel caramels
kings cupboard- three chilies caramel

more paint...
lots of projects brewing

longing for papa bear who was busy traveling for a few days...
this lotion reminds me of him.

...thrift store art chic...
i'm working on a paupers budget trying to collect art for a wall in our home but it almost makes the chase even more exciting.  it's like the concept i try and try to teach my kids, that you feel so much satisfaction when you work hard for something instead of just getting it handed to you on a silver platter.  you appreciate what you have more, and the patience is good for your soul.  like all thrifting, it takes many trips pillaging through junk until you find that one perfect piece..
the lady below was a steal at $5.
i'm totally in love with her lips and hair
vintage portraits are delicious.
this is actually not a real painting but i can't resist the colors
and i'm hoping to use it as inspiration for a painting of my own.
it was $8.
this little cowboy number is hanging above the toilet in the boys bathroom... he is affectionately known as "the pee sheriff"... he's there ready to bust any boys who don't aim their shooters in the toilet. (creepy you say? you clean up after little boys who pee all over the floor, and then we'll talk creepy.)
he was only $7
finding this rose oil painting was one of those moments where you want to squeal out loud with excitement for just scoring something fabulous, but you don't want to alarm the other nice folks thumbing through old records and musky stuffed animals, so instead you calmly pick it up, non-chalantly place it in your cart, and then proceed to act cool as a cucumber, in a fridge, in antartica... with a big 'ol fat smile on your face. (it needs a new frame)
this was $10.
another moment where i thought i would die from heavenly thrift store glory, was when i found this french chapel painting... it needs a great frame and some cleaning up, but i stole it for a shameful price of $6... where are the people giving up this art and what are they thinking?
...lisa mitchell...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

adventures in babysitting

a wee little part of me hesitates in posting these pictures...  you know, in the off chance that one of my kids run for senator one day and these photos come back to haunt them...
but so far, their career ambitions include serving a mission in space,
and being a wendy's food giver,
so i think we're safe.
it was only a matter of time
that Addy in all her hormonal "I'm the only girl-ishness"
started using her brothers as human dolls
and dressed them up to her liking...
at least the adventures in babysitting include fruit, floss,
and an occasional cleaning prop.
the dying flowers add a classy touch too.
addy snapped the following impromptu photo shoot
while papa bear and i were out on a date night.
i'm so debonair that i don't even need
to wear a shirt with this tux.

no cowboy sheriff is above eating fruit 
at a french bistro...
and yes, i'll pay the tab with my spidey wallet.

nothing says awkward more,
than a boy in a genie outfit,
with pom poms,
and a pale outie belly button...

...except for maybe this picture.
the old man stache tops it all off.
nicely done stylist addy.
nicely done.

dragons in diapers gotta floss too yo.

fear the felted batman.

like i said before,
ketchup goes with everything.

he learned last time
he was made to walk the plank,
wearing goggles was key
to avoiding underwater eye irritation.

the child witch cackled with glee
after he zapped the 70's housewife
and stole her broom and mumu,
for he knew,
deprivation of sweepage
was the ultimate insult.

and so,
on the twenty fifth day of march,
the munchikin from oz
with the androgynous haircut 
defeated the last zombie that threatened
to steal away its lollipop.

if i can't see them,
they can't see me.


eggs and such

hunting for eggs and baskets.
yet another holiday of sugar and toy over-indulgence
left by a mystical holiday character.
our easter dude tries to keep things as simple as possible, but i'm thinking next year everyone gets some fine european chocolate and we call it good...

easter goodies:
peeps smores & layered rainbow jello
(thanks for the help with the labor intensive jello sadie jane...
you totally birthed it... ummm really?)

he is risen

the highlight of my easter was listening to my sweet grandmother's message on my cell phone when she said so sincerely, "He is risen!" i need to be more like her and profess my testimony of our Savior and the light and peace He brings to my life.  how can you explain something that stirs such emotion in your bosom... something your whole being cannot deny to be true.  that God lives... that His Son Jesus Christ died for me and you, and in this imperfect world full of sadness and fear, that He is the example, comfort, and joy that lifts us up and makes us whole.  there are people that would challenge my need to have Him in my life.  there are people who think He is not divine or special.  there are people who think that they are enough on their own without Him.  i am so grateful that i don't have to be enough on my own.  i am so grateful that when doubts creep into my mind of who i am and where i came from, that i have a swelling spirit to confirm in the deepest part of me that there is a truthful plan on this earth for me... and you.  i've felt His love, and i know He lives.  true happiness comes to me when i humble myself and recognize that i need Christ and our Heavenly Father's plan. 
this is what we watched as a family to top off a great weekend
of general conference talks and easter fun...
reflections of Christ by mark mabry


tucker has a new friend.
what does this mean?
puppy training,
double trouble,
cuddling buddy,
mouse digger,
and more poop.
i pretty much get the best mom in the world award...
it was gifting of me to allow one dog,
and yes he has stolen my heart,
but now two?
 i suppose puppies are like kids...
it's a good thing they're so cute or else...
so are my dreams of a garden and chickens dashed?
do you think these furry friends
can keep their paws off parsnips and feathers?
(i've never even had parsnips)

caleb in spirit

mama's been missing her youngest cub, so for her birthday, the rad ruys family ordered something special that would share the love until he gets home from his mission in a year.
(life-size your loved one at skinit.com)

name that father


bull sale
. march 13 2010 .
photos by the magnifique matthew case