Tuesday, April 6, 2010

he is risen

the highlight of my easter was listening to my sweet grandmother's message on my cell phone when she said so sincerely, "He is risen!" i need to be more like her and profess my testimony of our Savior and the light and peace He brings to my life.  how can you explain something that stirs such emotion in your bosom... something your whole being cannot deny to be true.  that God lives... that His Son Jesus Christ died for me and you, and in this imperfect world full of sadness and fear, that He is the example, comfort, and joy that lifts us up and makes us whole.  there are people that would challenge my need to have Him in my life.  there are people who think He is not divine or special.  there are people who think that they are enough on their own without Him.  i am so grateful that i don't have to be enough on my own.  i am so grateful that when doubts creep into my mind of who i am and where i came from, that i have a swelling spirit to confirm in the deepest part of me that there is a truthful plan on this earth for me... and you.  i've felt His love, and i know He lives.  true happiness comes to me when i humble myself and recognize that i need Christ and our Heavenly Father's plan. 
this is what we watched as a family to top off a great weekend
of general conference talks and easter fun...
reflections of Christ by mark mabry


SMDStudio said...

What a beautiful video. Thank you for sharing. That is one of my very favorite songs.