Tuesday, April 6, 2010


tucker has a new friend.
what does this mean?
puppy training,
double trouble,
cuddling buddy,
mouse digger,
and more poop.
i pretty much get the best mom in the world award...
it was gifting of me to allow one dog,
and yes he has stolen my heart,
but now two?
 i suppose puppies are like kids...
it's a good thing they're so cute or else...
so are my dreams of a garden and chickens dashed?
do you think these furry friends
can keep their paws off parsnips and feathers?
(i've never even had parsnips)


Liza said...

Welp, at least you got to name someone Milo...

berta said...

NO! NO! I need to squish him and love him! More pictures please!