Saturday, April 10, 2010

5SF Edition 43

metro mints- lemonmint water
lavender vanilla bean fleur de sel caramels
kings cupboard- three chilies caramel

more paint...
lots of projects brewing

longing for papa bear who was busy traveling for a few days...
this lotion reminds me of him.

...thrift store art chic...
i'm working on a paupers budget trying to collect art for a wall in our home but it almost makes the chase even more exciting.  it's like the concept i try and try to teach my kids, that you feel so much satisfaction when you work hard for something instead of just getting it handed to you on a silver platter.  you appreciate what you have more, and the patience is good for your soul.  like all thrifting, it takes many trips pillaging through junk until you find that one perfect piece..
the lady below was a steal at $5.
i'm totally in love with her lips and hair
vintage portraits are delicious.
this is actually not a real painting but i can't resist the colors
and i'm hoping to use it as inspiration for a painting of my own.
it was $8.
this little cowboy number is hanging above the toilet in the boys bathroom... he is affectionately known as "the pee sheriff"... he's there ready to bust any boys who don't aim their shooters in the toilet. (creepy you say? you clean up after little boys who pee all over the floor, and then we'll talk creepy.)
he was only $7
finding this rose oil painting was one of those moments where you want to squeal out loud with excitement for just scoring something fabulous, but you don't want to alarm the other nice folks thumbing through old records and musky stuffed animals, so instead you calmly pick it up, non-chalantly place it in your cart, and then proceed to act cool as a cucumber, in a fridge, in antartica... with a big 'ol fat smile on your face. (it needs a new frame)
this was $10.
another moment where i thought i would die from heavenly thrift store glory, was when i found this french chapel painting... it needs a great frame and some cleaning up, but i stole it for a shameful price of $6... where are the people giving up this art and what are they thinking?
...lisa mitchell...


Charisa and Trent said...

Have I told..... you lately..... that I love you..... and that I totally can't wait to hang out with you and all the other glorious girlies in St. George?!?!?!

Nancy said...

I love those frames. I've been on the search for frames like those. Why do you get lucky and I do not?

acte gratuit said...

That colorful frame collage makes me very happy!

(Thanks for the nice comment, btw!)


Jennifer said...

oooohhh, aawweeeee. Loffff it! the bird, the frames, the art, the music. It's nice to get a feel for what your week has been like. Feels like spring when I see this post. Hope you are doing well!