Tuesday, April 6, 2010

adventures in babysitting

a wee little part of me hesitates in posting these pictures...  you know, in the off chance that one of my kids run for senator one day and these photos come back to haunt them...
but so far, their career ambitions include serving a mission in space,
and being a wendy's food giver,
so i think we're safe.
it was only a matter of time
that Addy in all her hormonal "I'm the only girl-ishness"
started using her brothers as human dolls
and dressed them up to her liking...
at least the adventures in babysitting include fruit, floss,
and an occasional cleaning prop.
the dying flowers add a classy touch too.
addy snapped the following impromptu photo shoot
while papa bear and i were out on a date night.
i'm so debonair that i don't even need
to wear a shirt with this tux.

no cowboy sheriff is above eating fruit 
at a french bistro...
and yes, i'll pay the tab with my spidey wallet.

nothing says awkward more,
than a boy in a genie outfit,
with pom poms,
and a pale outie belly button...

...except for maybe this picture.
the old man stache tops it all off.
nicely done stylist addy.
nicely done.

dragons in diapers gotta floss too yo.

fear the felted batman.

like i said before,
ketchup goes with everything.

he learned last time
he was made to walk the plank,
wearing goggles was key
to avoiding underwater eye irritation.

the child witch cackled with glee
after he zapped the 70's housewife
and stole her broom and mumu,
for he knew,
deprivation of sweepage
was the ultimate insult.

and so,
on the twenty fifth day of march,
the munchikin from oz
with the androgynous haircut 
defeated the last zombie that threatened
to steal away its lollipop.

if i can't see them,
they can't see me.


Jill said...

One word.


Addy has skillz. (And I meant to spell that with a Z. That is the true meaning of Skill-z.)
Not to mention your dictation. AWESOMENESS.

(Loving all of the updates by the way!! You've kept me occupied this lovely snow day!)

SMDStudio said...

What a brilliant way to entertain all those boys while mommy and daddy are gone. Smart girl. I may have to try the same idea!

berta said...

That just made my week. Genius, I say, genius.