Monday, December 15, 2008

Week of Babies

The full moon swung two very dear people
into birth giving mode last week.


Cheri and Tony
Charisa and Trent
Both had their baby girls.
We can't wait to hold those sweet newborns
and cover them with kisses.

leprechaun on the shelf

White Elephants & Handmade Gifts

the yearly party we went to friday is famous for its great food, but also for it's hilarious white elephant exchanging... some gifts have had great thought put into them, some great ammounts of money, some great when people decide to part with big old broken t.v.'s, "special mugs", or amazing works of art like the following:

this magical pegasus picture is one of the gifts Chris and I brought, entitled
"My Horn Can Pierce the Sky"

I was lucky enough in the passing back a forth, to obtain this glittery pinkish fan decor made by someones loved one, for reals. She takes special orders in any colors to match your home. How often do you see something made with forks, lace, puff paint, glitter, and silk flowers...there is even a ribbon hanger on the back to place it on your wall....PRESH!

In other news...
i try to make as many gifts myself as possible, it saves money and feels a little more meaningful. i've been making these soldered charm necklaces, made popular at the highland store, dear lizzie. i take special orders if anyone is prices are better than anywhere else and include- initial charm. bubble crown charm, angel wing charm, and chain....$25.

my friend and i were on the same wavelength with aprons on our minds. she made us each the most adorable aprons as seen in the previous post. i had been working on completing this half apron for a late birthday/housewarming gift for another friend.... you can never have enough aprons, that i know!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tis The Season!

For over five years our group from Lehi has shared the joy for making things. The clan has grown and dwindled with different people... it started as a card making girls night out, and has turned into an out of control- i'll sew your children's clothing for you, fill your freezer with food, pay your mortgage, donate my kidney...okay, I'm only slightly exaggerating...
Rock star Audry is a gracious host for our christmas party, and her house is a feast for the eyes...decked with seasonal merriment in only the way she can.
Thank you lovely ladies for your hard work...your frustrated and patient husbands...your tired hands...your dirty dishes...your late nights... your creativity... your sacrafices...your driving...your cooking & baking...your messy houses...your decorating...your listening ears...your funny stories...your hearts...and your friendship!!

jaimie . johanna . heather . mary . audry . shaneekwa

the serious hard work of latter day women in all its glory

signature picture of audry talking with her hands
and her awesome tree reaching for the heavens.

happy birthday johanna!

salad of paradisial bliss...i drank the dressing.

oh no you d'int...oh yes i did.

that little white box holds the key to happiness

embrace your longitude and latitude crouching tiger...

Monday, December 8, 2008

early december weekend

i missed another five sense friday...but until someone decides to pay me to do them on a regular basis... well then, we just won't complain will we:) the weekend was packed with lots of stuff as usual. papa bear hadn't been home for three weeks, so we had a lot of catching up to do.
friday night was addy's nutcracker performance- she did AWESOME! her dance was at the beginning, and i missed the first couple seconds because i had to run back home and make sure we had unplugged her curlers... when i finally made it back, she was hopping around the stage in her cute pink dress and looked ballerinish as ever. the rest of the numbers i spent in the hallway with a wiggly screaming toddler... i totally had the walmart sweats. after that fun, we headed to the airport to pick up the big daddy and everyone fought for his attention and showered him with loves.
saturday was filled with a trip to the dump, lots of paperwork, and a stolen wallet. we are being audited for 2005, probably because of all the medical claims with Chris' last tumor. it's really fun preparing paperwork for an audit. actually, i shouldn't complain because papa bear did the preparing and i just looked on with frustration at the situation, i'm good at doing that. after some catch up on bills and house orders he ran his bike to the gas station to fill it up before winter storms hit. when he got home he realized his wallet was missing-
back to gas station...asked a dude "have you seen a wallet"....dude says "no"...chris goes into gas station to look at surveillance camera...chris see's that he did drop it...chris see's that the dude who said "no" did take it... no license plate on car.... chris rushes home to cancel credit cards...wife says what about the pump receipt of the dude who bought gas and took your wallet... wife calls gas station...gas station says someone found the wallet...chris rushes back down to gas station... $80 missing, but all cards, and tithing check intact...police come and they watch surveillance again... the dude took the money and then threw the wallet back on the ground...the dudes gonna get it...we are sick of people being dishonest, stealing, getting away with it and us being left to pick up the pieces................on another note, the cop told us some news in relation to the burglaries of our homes earlier in the year, the man was caught, his ex wife came in and turned him in...a woman scorned...tsk tsk.
Sunday- church was splendid, especially since papa bear and I played hooky during sunday school so we could sneak in some more make out time (no one reads this blog but my sisters, right?) then later nana, pa, and maggie came over for dinner, and soon after, my man road off into the sunset back up to idaho.
the weekends always end too soon.

a favorite past time- nibbling scrumptious baby toes

addy always has to slip out of her costume so quick,
but she's still as cute as ever, even in her "street clothes"

the boys hangin' in the halls

nana and pa's dog maggie
this is what i've been listening to lately...

Friday, December 5, 2008

a thrift store christmas...

i am quite proud of my treasure seeking skills when it comes to thrifting, and collecting bits and pieces for this "photo shoot" was like hitting the jackpot. almost every piece is from my local d.i., aside from my fabulous jacket from a tooele store called Delicious that is really "delicious", my skirt- which is actually a tree skirt, and a few other hand me downs. if you would like one of these christmas treasures,
and i don't already have your address,
email me at-


Thursday, December 4, 2008

pirates are still cool.

landon has never had a friend birthday party. for some reason, birthday after birthday, it just hasn't panned out. for a year now i have been collecting pirate paraphernalia for a party. i acquired almost everything at 75% off. you go girl. yes i do go. i was nervous now that he is nine, that pirates would be too juvenile. boy was i wrong. those boys, all eleven of them, became so elated with their hats and swords that they hardly put them down all night.
yes, pirates are still cool.
pirates have lots of energy.
pirates make lots of noise.
pirates like to be crazy and run around.
pirates say really funny things.
pirates fight for attention.
pirates like chocolate cupcakes.
pirates are messy.
happy late birthday son...i'm proud of the the good boys you have chosen as would you feel about a bob the builder party for your tenth? i got some killer deals on some party hats.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


and these photos fit that mood.





Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lurking Vampires?

oh looky looky what we have here........

Who are you really?
I promise I won't bite, will you?

Which reminds me,
Over the weekend I went to see Twilight with my mom and sisters.
No blog would be complete without a movie review on this gem.
Gem? Well, I wouldn't go that far.
Edward was way better than I anticipated.
Bella bugged.
Jacob bugged.
The Cullens were awesome.
We had some good laughs,
almost giggling through the whole movie.
It was proof that books are better than movies,
even if I'm not a huge fan of this collection.
Just don't watch Robert Pattinson do any interviews...
he either acts high, or drunk-
what a good role model.
Settle one thing for me...
Would you rather have junior mints or milk duds with your popcorn?


little edie and i are kindred spirits

"This is the best thing to wear for today."

"But you see in dealing with me, the relatives didn't know that they were dealing with a staunch character and I tell you if there's anything worse than dealing with a staunch woman... S-T-A-U-N-C-H. There's nothing worse, I'm telling you. They don't weaken, no matter what."

"The Marble Faun is moving in."

"Do you think I'm gonna look funny dancing? I do terrific dances!"

"I'm pulverized by this latest thing!"

five sense thanksgiving

thanksgiving 2008 was enjoyed in the beautiful solitude of a cabin tucked in island park idaho. between dusty roads, barren fields, quiet forests, and a bird filled lake, my cup overflowed with the wonder of the landscape.
loved ones shared what was close to their thankful hearts.
we sat in warm bubbly water out in the frosty night air.
men cut wood, women stirred pots.
we went gliding with ice skates confident that we wouldn't falter.
stars at night looked like glitter thrown in the sky.
we played games, watched movies, discussed important matters, and cuddled one another.
we watched trumpeter swans take flight in parties over the horizon.
we didn't hear phones, we didn't see internet, we didn't have doorbells.
The sunsets stung my bosom.
The sounds of laughter, children, and christmas music filled the air.
Food for the soul was eaten around the clock.
Smells of fresh country air and firewood burning filled my senses.

I felt thankful, warm, and blessed.

Monday, December 1, 2008

slate and crimson