Thursday, December 4, 2008

pirates are still cool.

landon has never had a friend birthday party. for some reason, birthday after birthday, it just hasn't panned out. for a year now i have been collecting pirate paraphernalia for a party. i acquired almost everything at 75% off. you go girl. yes i do go. i was nervous now that he is nine, that pirates would be too juvenile. boy was i wrong. those boys, all eleven of them, became so elated with their hats and swords that they hardly put them down all night.
yes, pirates are still cool.
pirates have lots of energy.
pirates make lots of noise.
pirates like to be crazy and run around.
pirates say really funny things.
pirates fight for attention.
pirates like chocolate cupcakes.
pirates are messy.
happy late birthday son...i'm proud of the the good boys you have chosen as would you feel about a bob the builder party for your tenth? i got some killer deals on some party hats.


Jennifer said...

They were cliping our knees, slashing our bellies, poking our bums! Ge-Arrg! I'm 25 and I would want to have a pirate birthday party. I love pirates! and yes, you go girl!

~Amanda~ said...

Whoa! I would not have been able to handle all those pirates! You are amazing!!!