Tuesday, December 2, 2008

five sense thanksgiving

thanksgiving 2008 was enjoyed in the beautiful solitude of a cabin tucked in island park idaho. between dusty roads, barren fields, quiet forests, and a bird filled lake, my cup overflowed with the wonder of the landscape.
loved ones shared what was close to their thankful hearts.
we sat in warm bubbly water out in the frosty night air.
men cut wood, women stirred pots.
we went gliding with ice skates confident that we wouldn't falter.
stars at night looked like glitter thrown in the sky.
we played games, watched movies, discussed important matters, and cuddled one another.
we watched trumpeter swans take flight in parties over the horizon.
we didn't hear phones, we didn't see internet, we didn't have doorbells.
The sunsets stung my bosom.
The sounds of laughter, children, and christmas music filled the air.
Food for the soul was eaten around the clock.
Smells of fresh country air and firewood burning filled my senses.

I felt thankful, warm, and blessed.


lawdy said...

The last picture of you two is the best! i keep hoping maybe you two are coming our way.

Jennifer said...

I love that picture of you too. You should use that as your profile pic in your facebook.

onesilentwinter said...

You are beautiful!!!!