Friday, February 29, 2008

Chronicles of Schofield-

Just Another Day Under the Big Top


Today was a typical "Mothers Cliche". To start off, last night around 9pm, which was already past her bedtime, our fourth grader "remembered" that she had a report due today on Sevier County....come again? So we banished her to the computer with much wailing and nashing of teeth to write her report. I think she was hoping that mom and dad would bail her out and write it for her, but she learned a priceless lesson about procrastination, and almost three hours later, and one page later, we sent the sleepy head to bed. This morning she finished off her report and off to school the children went.


Soon after, I prepared for a school activity that was to take place in just mere hours and started to make a banner....I ran upstairs to fetch some more brushes and when I returned my project was lovingly painted all over by the three year old....I had to start a new poster....the artsy three year old covered in paint then made his corndog demands known so I popped one in the microwave for lunch and went to attend to the baby who had started crying from another room....there was finally gold at the end of the rainbow, and a lot of it if you catch my drift (after a week of no pooping) I smell smoke?....yes I do smell smoke....and yes your house is about to burn down because instead of pushing "60" on the microwave, you pushed "600"....I removed the charcoal dog, doused it with water, opened all the windows, and tried to get rid of the smell that was reminiscent of a landfill full of flaming Marlboros....(as a side note- just a year ago, one of my children went to cook ramen in the microwave...and forgot to add, I promise we eat real food...the smell lingered for what felt like weeks because of the burnage, maybe this was a microwave disaster omen.)


With diaper, dog, and duties under control, I finally had a chance to freshen up for the day and in the shower I faced the harsh reality of my motherly body which I tried to blame on the fact that I'm sustaining another person right now with my nectar of life....I'm allowed a couple extra calories to keep things in stock....still much hair was shed while shampooing....and my towel smelled like corn chips....say what? Yes, corn chips....explain that ninjas!


I slipped on my token outfit that I seem to wear to every event outside of my home for the past two months, (these token outfits rotate a couple times a year, so that people understand that there is oh so much more to my closet).....I hightailed it to the school, we had a fabulous activity with very spirited students who met their reading goals....then back home I went after the kids slung their bags and jackets into the car for me to deliver to their homes "Dominos style" so they could walk home on the sunshiney day without burden.


My day did not end there, oh no, but honestly, I don't think I can muster the energy to describe the dramatic events that followed....let's just pretend they included a circus elephant, a flame thrower, and a dancing monkey.


I did manage to send off my package for the garden swap today.

I always have my priorities straight.

Is it okay that I post a picture...or is that against the rules?

Oh well,

I couldn't help myself!

Who could the lucky lady be?

I'll reveal that later....

Now go and put your feet up. Go on...get!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's time for a "Top Ten"

I am loving the ISI Mini Whip my sister in law gave us for is a little piece of heaven. I find myself wanting to make stuff just so I can use it. You mix fresh cream, sugar and vanilla, and then add the co2 cartridge to fluff it up and...PRESTO! You've got wonderful whipped cream that stays for up to two weeks in your fridge! Thanks Les! (found at Williams Sonoma)

If you've ever been to a rodeo, you know the heart palpitating adrenaline rush of watching the courageous (or crazy) manly men mount their bulls and ride till they can't ride no mo! One of my favorite things is to watch the cowboys in all their gear and glory standing on the "sidelines" waiting for their turn and supporting their bros- the patriotism of it all almost brings tears to my eyes.

I love feathers. I love birds too. When I was growing up my mom had a vase of peacock feathers in our living room and I had no idea how avante garde that was. Feathers are beautiful examples of how God uses nature as art. And just to let you know, feathers are hot for Fall fashion ya'll.

The hunk recently went on a motorcycle ride around the world...okay he only went to Arizona, California, and Nevada, but anyways.... he smells a perfume he really likes every now and then on lady folk and he never has the courage to ask what they're wearing. On his bike trip he smelled it again and I think because he was in the company of another man as back up he finally asked his waitress what it was. She said she was wearing Betsey Johnson perfume, so he went and snatched it up for me. I just love it! Men out there, don't be afraid to get that special one you love something yummy to me, she'd much rather you be smelling perfume on her than on the waitress at Lacoocaracha Cantina.

When my sister Eliza went hopping around Europe she caught a little clip on her camera of the Whirling Dervishes in Turkey- we're talking about the real deal people. It is such a spiritual experience to watch them twirling to the music- I can't imagine how rad it would be to see it in person. How do they not get dizzy? How do they not fall over? How do they keep their focus when tons of people are watching them? The swirling skirts, the tilted head, the tall thimble like hat, the arms just cool are they!? (look them up on youtube)

(photo courtesy of Mr. Wright on flickr)

The book- Peace Like a River. It was such a wonderful read! I loved the characters, the story, and all of the description- there was a child like innocence about it. I don't read a lot of fiction but I highly recommend this one.

There is nothing better than standing around the piano and singing hymns. Especially when there are people to take all the different parts and harmonize. Nothing speaks to my soul more than a beautiful song. Some of my favorites are Abide with Me, Come Thou Font (to be sung at my funeral), For the Beauty of the Earth, If You Could Hie to Kolob, and Sweet Hour of Prayer.

Something about this Thom Browne outfit speaks to's probably the same part of me that likes garden gnomes, Oilily, Nutella, umbrellas, and watching the old Willy Wonka movie.

Thom Browne Fall line 2008

Little boys in baseball caps.

And the token food item in my top ten this week would have to be my latest candy craving- sour patch kids...sweet, sour, shaped like little people, what's more to say?

wow, this is a really big picture

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Addy wanted to do a craft today...

so we made this rag doll.

Her name is Polly.


I realize her arms are coming out of her head,

but dude,

check out her marvelous bracelets!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We were gifted a treadmill for Christmas and I have really been trying to discipline myself to run (walk really fast) at least a couple times a week. To stay motivated I’ve been watching this killer fashion channel that we have. It gets me moving because the long spindly women strut the catwalk in fantastic clothing decked out with great hair and makeup and the song sets the designers play during the shows are amazing. Lately they’ve been replaying New York Fall Fashion Week. I scoured the internet to find out whom some of these songs were by and found a few of my favorites….the only music I couldn't figure out was from the Isaac Mizrahi show- I adored it- if you happen to know who it is, kindly pass along the info and I'll mail you a prize!
Playing on the Loudspeaker
Thats Not My Name- The Ting Tings
The Model- Kraftwerk
Fashion- David Bowie
M79- Vampire Weekend
Someone Great- LCD Soundsystem
The 15th- Fischerspooner
Chick Habit- April March
Pretty Baby- Blondie
Digital Versicolor- Glass Candy
Ice Cream- New Young Pony Club
And my personal favorite…Little Bit- Lykke Li

Happy Birthday Eliza!! (on the 19th)

So I'm a couple days late...but I was out of town, out of my element, and out of my mind. Better late than never to give my sister ELIZA- aka Mother Theresa, aka Mary Poppins, aka Kick in the Pants, aka Light on the Hill, aka Sexy Mama, a big fat shout out and Happy Birthday Omage!!!

ice cream at Coldstone after lunch at Bajio and our traditional pilgrimage to Target

Eliza is one of those amazing people that always thinks of others before herself. Completely unselfish and caring, she makes you feel like a million bucks. When I'm with her she gives me undivided attention and is totally enthralled in our conversation. She is also wise beyond her years. I find myself going to her to get advice and hear her opinion on things even though she is younger than me. I think I have the most hilarious family on earth, but Eliza would definitely rank among those that could travel with a few of us in a comedy troop. I need to wear Depends when I'm with her because she says the funniest things!

Eliza and her BFF Elaine made a scrumptious authentic Albanian meal of stuffed peppers and tomatoes, YUM!

We like to tease Eliza and call her Mother Theresa because she takes care of everyone. She babysits everyones kids, tends to the sick, nurtures the sad and lonesome hearts, and loves every soul she comes in contact with. Aside from the fact that she worked in an orphanage in Ecuador, served a mission in Albania, and interned at an adoption agency, she also completed her social work degree at BYU, and is now a certified Social Worker- which every family needs don't you think? Eliza would drop everything to help you, and on her way over she'll call to see if you need a gallon of milk, a dozen eggs, or a bag of candy, seriously.

I could go on and on about her but to top off the list of amazingness she...

sings like a sparrow,

makes the BEST lemon bars,

does my dishes,

gives the BEST back rubs,

and loves me enough to tell me when my tags are poking out of my shirt.

Frankly, I'm a little boggled by the fact that she wasn't the first to get married out of us sisters because she is the most qualified...sorry to embaress you dear Lize. I am taking applications for those interested in courting must meet high quality control standards, but I'm a pretty open person and everyone deserves a first date. She's going to kill me for this, but she's like a Krispy Kreme donut- Hot and Now!!

We Love Eliza!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I got my hair did.

It's been a long, long, long seven months since I've been to the salon and every day I've looked more and more like Kid Rock. This was one of my Valentines presents to Chris (and me:)) Just try to keep your hunky hands off me now!

"Oh, is someone trying to take a picture of me without me knowing? How do I disguise my Drew Barrymore chin and lazy eye? Maybe if I look thoughtful and pensive.....don't be alarmed that the three old beside you is climbing up the bookshelf and his 90th percentile weight is going to bring down the the whole structure in shambles....that's it cool one will know that it's really your outstretched arm taking the picture. You're so smooth."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Ya'll !!

Today we are hunkered down at home beneath several feet of white fluffy snow because school was canceled in the Tooele District...which really bummed me out because I spent most of the evening making the childrens valentines, and I even stormed the weather late last night to go and purchase cupcakes for their classes (I would have made them saving several hundred dollars, but the school is afraid I'll lace them with rat poisin or something). The over-achiever in me can't just buy nice inexpensive easy valentines...oh no....she must labor, and sweat, bleed her own blood from artisan fingers for hours with maticulous attention to detail and craft the most perfect little morsels of love for her clueless offspring. Somtimes it's exhausting doing things that only you really appreciate. I know how it goes down...the kids pass out the valentines...the kids rip off the candy...the kids gobble down the candy...the kids get tummy aches...and the parents curse the mom who sent her child to school to hand out full size snicker bars.

This is what I made...

30 of these babies were skillfully folded for Addy's class. Do you know what they are? Remember in elementary school when you use to tell eachothers fortunes or have some smart-alec remark at the end of the folded wonders, well I brought back this trend in all its origami glory. The little 10 year olds better appreciate my cleverness.

30 of these mini airplane miracles were also born last night over tivoed American Idol. They consist of a smartie, piece of gum, two life-savers, and a rubber band. I ran out of gas at the end and just slipped a piece of paper over the top of the gum that isn't the cutest, but it gets the message across.

Hopefully school will resume tomorrow, stale cupcakes will be sent with the younglings, and valentines will be dispersed, I just hope they don't bring home too many conversation hearts- I don't have good feelings about those.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Romney ROOT Beer that is...
(the label says-)
"The bold, full flavor of Romney Root Beer is a result of a proprietary 60-year aging process that begins in Detroit and ends in Washington D.C. Seasoned in Massachusetts, with the finest educational and political laurels, it was cold-filtered in 2002 in the frosty mountain ranges of Utah. Romney Root Beer is unique and unprecedented, delivering a fresh, crisp alternative with a light, clean aftertast. It's ideally suited for all ages and political affiliations.
* * *
Over 40 years of proven leadership, JD/MBVA from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, Cofounder of Bain Capital, CEO of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Governor of Massachusetts. 44th President of the United States of America." (in our dreams)
Am I the only one disheartened by his suspension in the race for our future leader? I was such a devoted supporter that I even bought a beverage named after him. What a big fat bummer- and this is the first time I've really been interested in an election.
Dear remaining electoral candidates,
You now all have the responsibility of picking up the broken pieces of my shattered heart. This can be done by accomplishing any of the following...
1- Contact the local LDS missionaries and "chat" over hot chocolate.
2- Cross your heart that you will not pull out of Iraq until the job is done, and those innocent people remaining are given a chance of living a free life.
3- Vow to start an intervention program that includes listening to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Doctor Laura Schlessinger.
4- Order and eat a steak medium rare, wear a cowboy hat, deliver a baby, attend a wedding for a man and woman, and then go home and work on your spreadsheet of how your going to improve the economy without raising taxes.
Dear voters,
Now look what you've done.
You've gone and scared away my prince charming; the man who was going to clean up the mess left in the white house, the man who was going to mend the wounds of down trodden patriots across the world. He had such a twinkle in his eye, such a head full of great ideas and amazing hair I might add. I hope you're happy. And by the way, when you elect the candidate that you think should win this popularity contest and Armageddon has begun, don't go knocking on my door because you haven't prepared and collected your years worth of food storage. You were warned.

Happy happy birthday Shelly dear,
happy days will come to you all year.
If I had one wish,
then it would be,
a happy happy birthday
to you from me!

Nana & Shelly

Today is Chris' sister Shelly's birthday. We love her so much and wish that she lived closer so we could share her special day with her. Shelly is amazingly talented and super sweet. She is one of those people that if you are lucky enough to meet, your life is touched for good. Shelly has a soft heart and kind spirit. I always come away feeling uplifted after spending time with her.
Shelly was an elementary school teacher before she started having kids and has the personality and creativeness to match that role. She deserves a mother of the year award- with the patience of Job, she is always coming up with fantastic ideas and taking opportunities to teach her children in fun and unconventional ways. Whether its raising butterflies, making flower bouquets out of child handprints, or taking a fieldtrip to the zoo, just try to catch her without her camera- she always knows how to capture every special moment and then scrapbook them into works of art that would put any artist to shame.
Nates job has brought the unique opportunity for their family to live in some exciting places including Brazil, Virginia, Germany, and Arkansas- where they are currently living. Some day we'll snatch and transplant them back in Utah, but until then, we look forward to their visits and love the times we have together. Shel, we love your goodness, your artistic touch, and your big heart!

The Girls.......... Jeanne, Sara, Leslie and Shelly


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Please bare with me....
I'm trying to change
the look of some things
on this blog,
and I don't know
what the heck I'm doing!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kary emailed me some questions and I'm usually really bad at getting back and answering these things, but cheers to the new more responsive me!!

1- What time is it- 9:56am

2- What is your full name- Sara Beth Robinson Schofield...Sumner...

3- What are you most afraid of- I'm not afraid of much, heights, and escapee zoo animals- I keep having a re-occuring nightmare that there is a gorilla loose in the neighborhood and he's trying to get into my house- I'd love to have a psychiatrist analyze that one!

4- What is the last boot-legged movie you watched- ummmmm, do I really want to answer this? Do you mean one that we copied or one that we bought already copied? We recently watched the Bourne Ultimatum that Chris "backed up". Dear Mr. FBI agent, if you're reading this, we are upstanding citizens that rarely break the law.

5- Birthplace- St. George, Utah

6- What is your favorite food- Salmon or the ultimate Sunday dinner of roast, potatoes, gravy, vegetables, rolls and chocolate cake, oh and I really like thai food and sushi, okay I guess I just like everything...except bologna.....gross.

7- What is your natural hair color- dirty blonde, that sounds way more interesting than it actually is

8- Are you a neat freak- no, I'm clean and organized but I'm not ocd and I do not keep an immaculate home- I'm a big pile person- sometimes I wish I was a neat freak, but I have too many other hang ups to add that one to the mix

9- Ever been in a car accident- unfortunately many times yes, the worst had to be that cold icy night long ago when I hit and spun a cops car on the freeway and his precious dog was inside- he was more concerned about making sure his dog was okay, than checking on me- I guess I can understand that logic considering dogs don't wear seat belts....or do they?

10- croutons or bacon bits- croutons

11- What is your favorite day of the week- Monday, a fresh start

12- Where is your favorite place to eat- The Normandy or Takashi or Blue Boar or Cafe Rio okay I better not get any more food questions because I can't stop at just one answer...

13- What is your favorite flower- ranunculas or dahlias or cherry blossoms

14- What is your favorite sport to watch- dance, yes it's a sport, and sometimes basketball

15- What is your favorite thing to drink- I'm into Vitamin Water right now, the yellow/energy kind, it's like a natural pick me up and I feel a little better about drinking it because its "enhanced water"

16- What is your favorite icecream- Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, anything coffee flavored, I know, bad me

17- Warner Brothers or Disney- Ummmmmm not sure

18- Ever been on a ship- yes, but not a rocket

19- What do you do when you're bored- I'm never bored, there's too much to do, but in my spare time when I have any I read, craft, blog, or sleep

20- Bedtime- varies, but usually 1am-ish

21- Favorite TV shows- So you think you can dance, the office, 30 rock, house, miami ink, planet earth, anything on the food network, my new fav is the high def fashion channel and art channel... and more....

22- Park or Zoo- park

23- What is your favorite color- it changes day to day, today it is charcoal

24- How many tattoos do you have- I have a little secret crush on tattoos except for when the recipient gets old and they fade and get saggy- but I think it's a great art. I don't have any because my body is a temple:) But if I had a clone I'd cover her with tattoos.

25- How many pets do you have- none, I'm a little anti pet. We've had a couple pet rats over the years and sea monkeys, but until I'm done having babies the pet thing is on hold...I know I'm a mean mom but I only want to clean up one species poop at a time.

26- Which came first the chicken or the egg- I think a little glass of something bubbly and some Barry White came first, if you know what I mean:)

27- What do you want to do before you die- Refer to my life list below

28- Have you ever been to Hawaii- no, only vicariously through the cast of Lost

29- Have you ever been outside the U.S.- I don't think the Virgin Islands count but hopefully Scotland this year

Keith Tartan

30- Time this survey ended- 10:28am, wow that took me a long time!

I'm tagging anyone that would like to answer these questions- just leave me a comment that you did so I can come check out what you had to say- and it better be ALL OF YOU!:)

Monday, February 4, 2008

I can't stop listening to these songs right now, and I especially love the dancers in the iron and wine video- I soooo do that in my house when no one is looking...who am I kidding, I'm always up for flamenco dancing in front of an audience:)

Iron and Wine- Boy with a Coin

Cary Brothers- Ride

We recently had a reunion of sorts with my old junior high Farmington friends. I love these girls so much! You won't find a more amazing group of women than these ladies. There's a nurse, a returned missionary, crafters, school volunteers, scrapbookers, and even more importantly they each have such strong testimonies and are fabulous mothers. Each of us has a story and has been handed some pretty hard tests in this life- and each of us has risen above leaning on our faith to make us better- I LOVE YOU GALS!

(S.O.S.! Stake-Out! Stake Out!)
Kate was the hostess for this dinner- her house was adorable and the food was scrumptious! We definitely need to get together more often, but it's so great to know that these friendships are everlasting and always pick up where they left off.

Below is a picture from November of 2002 when we had a dinner at my old house in Lehi.
Now we all have one or two more children, one or two more wrinkles, and I can say that I have another chin and pant size...oh the joy of having babies:)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hey all you garden enthusiasts, or people who like flowers, or people who like spring, or anything in relation to these things- stop on over at "A Little Sussy" and sign up for her GARDEN SWAP. It's just what we need to pull us all out of this winter slump. Is slump a word? Anyways, it's sure to be a fun distraction and just think of the fun and inexpensive things you can send and receive. Just click on her GARDEN SWAP icon at the top of her blog
(I'd add a link to it but I'm not sure how to do it )