Thursday, September 24, 2009

hazel...a baby story

My dear sister Eliza, aka mother theresa, is expecting her very first baby right after halloween... it is a girl, and her name shall be called HAZEL... our great grandmothers name. We are so excited for Eliza to become a mother because she has been nurturing and mothering all of our children for years, and I have a hunch things will come very naturally for her.
We celebrated last weekend with a pretty fabulous shower led by Sadie and supported by other helpful sisters. It is quite a terrific force when we all get together to put on a production involving baking/cooking, home sewn goods, and decorations. The party was a super success, and I am still dreaming of all the amazing food that was so lovingly prepared.

Sadie made a very cute diaper cake, and the fluffy pink
martha stewart pom poms and sweet roses added the perfect
girly touch. The "I am a child of God" print can be found

FAMILY... the three on the couch donning purple are
all pregnant (we missed you tiffany and lauriekae!)
For party favors we had to go boxes and "baby bites"
to fill in them... candy kabobs, cheesecake pops, m&m's,
chocolate covered rice krispie treats, almond bark,
pear jelly bellies, and peanut butter balls
The food was amazing... teriyaki salmon, greek salad,
red potato salad, cookie salad, cheesy breadsticks,
pecan bars, fruit tarts, and lemon shortbread

I made applique onesies and bibs for little Hazel,
and Sadie made adorable burp cloths.

The cute mama all tuckered out with Aunt Berta.

Friday, September 11, 2009


We canned 84 jars of peaches today.
8 hours later...
we're finished,
and 36 of those bad boys
are coming home with me.
Thank you mamacita for showing us how!!

be still my heart

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Headed for NYC

There has been a very talented man living in Jackson.
He likes to change his hair color like he changes his shoes.
He makes friends easily and is oozing with styling talent.
This amazing little brother of mine is chasing his dreams
all the way to the exciting (and far away) city of New York
where he will start a job at Butterfly Studio Salon.
We spent a few moments with him saying our farewells
and now I sit here teary eyed as I think of how proud
I am of all his courage and hard work at such a young age,
to go for what he wants in life and pursue ambitious endeavors.
We share so many of the same passions in life,
and I hope the distance keeps us close...
Keep it real in the big apple Jair Bair!
Remember Who You Are!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Really, we were there.

Yesterday we attended the
Eastern Idaho STATE FAIR
in Blackfoot.


seeing Jessie, Emily, & Lilybugs

taking in the latest Idaho hairstyles (woo baby)

gigantor horses, fluffy sheep and plump rabbits

eating corndogs, curly fries, and a gyro

Addy buying Ollie a spiderman fingerpuppet

watching the little girl rock out on stage to black sabbath in her pleather pants

free parking


fighting crowds of insurmountable measure

not getting to try a deep fried candybar

lower pubic bone pressure from the baby while walking

not being able to see the pigs

accidentally clocking Addy's mug

driving to Costco another 20min. only to find it's closed

yelling at naughty whining kids in the car

Friday, September 4, 2009

5SF Edition 38

Blueberry Pomegranate
Trail Mix Crunch

Spray Paint
I'm under a nesting spell, and I've been currently obsessed with spray paint...
more later on my colorful projects!

An "AHA" Moment
Yesterday I was watching the farmers harvest the wheat, it was mesmerizing. But what I realized that I had never known before, was that the left over stalks after they take the wheat is what they use for straw...DUH!! You learn something new everyday in the country. Once the crops are gone, you know fall is on it's way.
(via Decor 8)

Owl City
Maybe I'm Dreaming

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today mom and some of the sisters gathered again so our fabulous friend Cruz could honor us with an education in real south of the border salsa. I wanted to drink it... pure heaven... made from fresh roasted tomatoes and jalapenos, bell peppers, onions, cilantro and seasonings. Eating it transports me to a tropical place where troubles melt like lemon drops, and for reals, just try not to down a whole jar by yourself. I'm thinking these bottles of love would make great christmas presents with a bag of chips... but i would really have to love you... my fingers are still burning from peeling the peppers... and there's a funky smell happening here...



(next time, she'll teach us salsa verde & enchilada's)