Thursday, September 24, 2009

hazel...a baby story

My dear sister Eliza, aka mother theresa, is expecting her very first baby right after halloween... it is a girl, and her name shall be called HAZEL... our great grandmothers name. We are so excited for Eliza to become a mother because she has been nurturing and mothering all of our children for years, and I have a hunch things will come very naturally for her.
We celebrated last weekend with a pretty fabulous shower led by Sadie and supported by other helpful sisters. It is quite a terrific force when we all get together to put on a production involving baking/cooking, home sewn goods, and decorations. The party was a super success, and I am still dreaming of all the amazing food that was so lovingly prepared.

Sadie made a very cute diaper cake, and the fluffy pink
martha stewart pom poms and sweet roses added the perfect
girly touch. The "I am a child of God" print can be found

FAMILY... the three on the couch donning purple are
all pregnant (we missed you tiffany and lauriekae!)
For party favors we had to go boxes and "baby bites"
to fill in them... candy kabobs, cheesecake pops, m&m's,
chocolate covered rice krispie treats, almond bark,
pear jelly bellies, and peanut butter balls
The food was amazing... teriyaki salmon, greek salad,
red potato salad, cookie salad, cheesy breadsticks,
pecan bars, fruit tarts, and lemon shortbread

I made applique onesies and bibs for little Hazel,
and Sadie made adorable burp cloths.

The cute mama all tuckered out with Aunt Berta.


Eliza said...

meeeeeelting... I am still melting! Do we just have the best family in the world or what?!?

Jill said...

This post did nothing to dispel my sadness in not being able to attend. Nothing I say!

However, I too am so anxious for Lize to become a mother. She is such a nurturer and little Hazel is one lucky baby girl.

Missed it-and I can tell, I missed A LOT!!

wilkinson_fam said...

I must, Must, MUST get the details for this shower! I will be hosting two - count them, TWO! - for my sisters-in-law in the next 6 months. It sounds like you are the resident expert for all things baby. I MUST get details!

Jennifer said...

That looked like so much fun! You do have an amazing family!!!

P.s. I've had some stuff for you. {Belly bump!}

bri said...

really? i only dream of parties like that. how amazing. you ooze creativity and talent.

SMDStudio said...

Oh, how I wish I had more sisters! Note to self: must have more children - so they can have so much fun together when they're adults.

Andrea said...

Wow! There is some serious talent in your family!!

Cyndie said...

I wasn't hungry until I read your blog. Now my stomach is growling. Thanks!!! :-)

onesilentwinter said...

it looks amazing! hazel is such a lovely name!

bill, katie, and co. said...

Just when I think you can't do any and your family ROCK.IT.OUT! Holy mackinoly! THe decorations, the laundry line and the food all look AMAZING. What on earth is cookie salad? Seriously?

I miss you. We could SO do serious damage together if we lived close to each other. Want to move to AZ?

marisa said...

so when can I come to one of your parties? they sound and look absolutely DIVINE!

And I want to know what cookie salad is too!

Rusty, Lisa & David Lee said...

your family should have their own tv show. that was gorgeous!