Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today mom and some of the sisters gathered again so our fabulous friend Cruz could honor us with an education in real south of the border salsa. I wanted to drink it... pure heaven... made from fresh roasted tomatoes and jalapenos, bell peppers, onions, cilantro and seasonings. Eating it transports me to a tropical place where troubles melt like lemon drops, and for reals, just try not to down a whole jar by yourself. I'm thinking these bottles of love would make great christmas presents with a bag of chips... but i would really have to love you... my fingers are still burning from peeling the peppers... and there's a funky smell happening here...



(next time, she'll teach us salsa verde & enchilada's)


Nancy said...

Sara you look so good in these pictures. Don't now if its that "pregnancy glow" or if Idaho just really agrees with you, but you look awesome.

Jill said...

Okay-I NEED an in wit the sister wives club.

What can I do to be initiated???

Looks so YUMMY!!

AA said...

Umm...I need that recipe, ANDALE!! -April

kelly said...

Hi! I sometimes visit you from our mutual friend Katie Hughes blog.
You're just delightful.
But curiosity has gotten the best of me and I really want to know what the title of your blog means.
Can you scratch this itch for me?

Papa Bear / RugerSchof said...

So... I was working outside the house where this so called "Salsa" was being made. Do you think that they brought any out for me? Then I am told to feed the boy and take Addy to dance class because they are all going to dinner and a movie. GAME OVER!!!!

Gina Lee said...

game over... hehehe. that was cute.
let's become great friends so I can get your Christmas side ponytail salsa!

Rachel said...

I'll be expecting one of those Christmas presents.

It makes me sad to be missing out!
And You look really cute!

wilkinson_fam said...

Ditto on the homemade salsa recipe. I have a mountain of tomatoes from my garden that I really need to do something with.

BTW - I was looking back at some of your old entries from last fall (trying to find a pic of your fabulous fall mantle for inspiration as I decorate mine)and was remembering your frustration that things weren't "working out." I also remembered a sweet conversation we shared about adversity, joys, honeys, babes and growth (though it was all-too-short). We wondered, what DID the future hold? Sound familiar?

And now to read this post and see how the Lord has literally LEAD your family . . . well, it frankly is quite inspirational. Strengthens my hope and faith that - somehow - everything will work out. For the good.

Thank heaven for miracles.

Jennifer said...

Wow, look at that kitchen. It seems so large and beautiful. How fun. I wonder if my mom and sister would want to do something like that. You go girl. Still loven' my gifts you shower me with! Love ya!