Tuesday, November 25, 2008

parent brain

Oliver said to me today in a very exasperated voice...

"Do you have a brain that’s like a parent brain?
Cause you just give tade my red thingy from the dentist (floss), and that was not impropiate!"

Tuesday is...

truly terrific,
totally tremendous,
tiredly trying.
for shizzle.

Christmas has been up, aside from the tree...
which is as awkward to carry up from the basement by yourself, as it would be to sit on Santa's lap when you're thirty two. Also only half the lights on my garland gracing my mantle are working, (tis my life- half my "lights" are on and twinkling bright, and the other half are struggling to shine with a loose wire or broken bulb somewhere) until they decide to cooperate, we will wait for photos of christmas at the schofield house.

Tade is napping...
so after I blog about what I'm going to do,
I'll actually do it.
I'm going to watch this...

while I make these...

while I eat this.
I bought this for $5 dollars yo...

and I made 60 of these last night.
Candy Turkeys, a long time Thanksgiving family tradition.
I better hurry off before the gigantor baby awakes
and the day is once again full of
happy slobber,
crocodile tears,
and crumb destruction,
or any kind of household destruction for that matter.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Lend An Ear

Harry Baby,
you do Christmas right!

would you mind?

hey addy?
would you mind sharing some of your monday morning sass and confidence with a tired old mama? i could sure use some of that magic twinkling in your eye.

sometimes i forget

Sometimes i forget what great activities, FREE activities that is, that are within a quick drives distance. Sunday after church we headed into Salt Lake City to the Church History Museum. I always love museums, no big surprise, but the kids ended up loving it too.
There were great pioneer relics and artifacts from the early days of the church.
Angel Moroni and angel oliver, one of which tops our temples.
The kids reenacted the nativity...what good sports.
Mr. Leprechaun loved the "ba ba's".

On the second level was a great area themed "I Am A Child Of God" with interactive activities for children.

There was also an abundance of wonderful artwork- glass windows, paintings, sculptures, and handiwork done by early relief society sisters.

Our favorite part was the many polish nativities on the main floor... carved from wood and painted in such vibrant colors, they really got us in the mood FOR CHRISTMAS!!

We can't wait to come back to see the lights on Temple Square in a week!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I had the most vivid dream last night...

(flickr- ljam)

I was a GYSPY living in SCOTLAND.

We lived in a beautiful silver airstream-

(flickr- lhaas)

I grew a garden, and cooked and baked

with my children out on an open fire-


I wrote to loved ones on whimsical cards-


I carried my treasures in my very own

mary poppins bag-


Lanterns were glowing in the trees-

( lunabazaar.com)

My fingers were adorned with

handmade sparkly works of art-


We were dressed in colorful, fanciful hodge podgy
clothing that addy and i sewed ourselves-
(gypsyville.com, dolce & gabbana, oilily, matildajane, flickr-bellas muma, agatha_katzensprung)

We slept wrapped in warm blankets stitched
and handed down-

We spent our spare time knitting and making toys
to play with and sell-



Friday, November 21, 2008

thankfully caught off guard...

do you ever cry out of happiness and sadness
at the same time?

i was caught off guard when my tears fell
as i was hugging my soft cheeked baby today.

i was caught off guard when my tears fell
as i watched three children march down the stairs
dragging bean bags behind them for a movie night
in the big sisters bedroom.

i was caught off guard when my tears fell
as i listened to a sad song,
and then a happy one.

i was caught off guard when my tears fell
thinking about how i'd have to wait
five more days until i snuggled my husband.

i was caught off guard when my tears fell
as i thought off kindness shown by dear people.

as tade lept into his crib tonight after an emotional day
of bumps, falls, tantrums and spills,
it was as if he was surrendering himself to exhaustion
and gleefully jumped into his cozy blankets
to sleep the hardships away.

thank goodness we get another day.

i was telling some friends
that perhaps our family is hanging in limbo
because there is a lesson still to be learned.

come on lesson,
i'm ready for you...

i'm crying for happiness
i'm crying for sadness
but most of all

5SF Edition 26

Chicken Quesadilla from Ixtapa with some senorita's.
Oh so good.
Thank you "L" for watching the wee ones,
and thank you Ty for the treating:)
too many of these.
life is so glamorous sometimes.

On our doorstep today the kid's discovered
a special package
straight from the North Pole.
We were sent the "Elf on the Shelf"
and we named him RUFUS.
He will watch the children and report to Santa
each night to let him know if they've
been naughty or nice.
Then, in the morning
he will re-appear in a new place.
What a fun tradition to start-

Art by Emily Mcphie
November 28th she will have an exhibit at
Terzian Gallery in Park City along with some
other great artists like Justin Taylor.
Dang it, I won't be around,
but if you can make it, you won't be sorry.

James Taylor- At Christmas
Sarah McLachlan- Wintersong
(thanks for the tip audrey)