Friday, November 7, 2008


Don't worry, it's not a political post.
Man, can we all just mellow out please.
Everybody take a big breath............and release.
The world is not going to blow up anytime soon,
so we must keep our eyes peeled for the good...
and the bad.

One of the reliefs of being with Chris on the weekends, is that I oblige him with all of the diaper changing. I figure it's the least he can do since I've been on duty five days straight. But the leprechauns last diaper was so full of whole edamame beans...well, let's just say I hope he has a few left over for dad.

75% percent off Halloween at Wally's. I snagged these pirate hats and swords for nothing. They will be perfect for Landon's late birthday pirate party as favors.

Whilst relishing in a beautiful bowl of raspberries, I went to put one in my mouth and noticed a little spider perched upon it. The worst part, I came back later to the unfinished bowl, and forgot about the spider, and I finished eating them all.

Kate and Dan are at it again. This picture of their kids on Halloween is something from a dream. If you haven't yet, visit their photography site and blog, it will astound you.
Like getting houses broken into wasn't enough, the bad guys are at it again. One of our homes had soffit and facia cut and stolen, probably to finish off someone elses job. For Reals? Is this really necessary? I swear if one more thing happens..... oh to heck with it! Anyone want free stuff, we're giving it away?!
My sister Rachel just made another shirt without a pattern, and does she look pregnant to you? No? Well she is dangit. Why didn't i get those genes, or maybe I did, which leads me to my next point.....

I am all sorts of unhealthy right now. I burn "thousands" of calories a day doing the "thousands" of things on my to do lists, but unfortunately, I eat back those calories with delicious Greek food, chips and salsas and really bad halloween candy. It's time to get serious dudes. You would think I was raised on cardboard the way my eyes light up with glee when presented with beautiful food.
photo by winktothanatos
Chris scored at the thrift store on vintage ties. Jess and Em, the tie show down has begun.....

What is the good and bad in your life right now?


Rachel said...

Fun idea with the ties. I love that pic with the fork although it's kinds creepy. Can't wait to see you next week.

Jennifer said...

Um, the good and the bad in my life? I may have to send you an email on that. It will be a long one.

It's Fancy Letterpress Studio said...

Nice ties! Have to say I am a sucker for some good old polyester.

The Grants said...

I think Conrad thought I was nuts when I told him I thought someone stole the soffit and facia... Some peoples kids. BTW I LOVE YOUR BLOG...Tell Chris hi for me.