Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grow Old With Me

Congratulations to Eliza and Jason RUYS
who were married in the Rexburg temple
on Saturday November 15th.
Eliza looked ravishing,
Jason looked ectastic,
together they glowed.


Rachel said...

I'm steeling some of your pics. Hope you don't mind.

sami hansen said...

I have been checking your blog since the wedding dying to see pics! Way to not disappoint! Your shots are great! I heard it was a lovely time...I wish I could have joined. Ain't no party like a Robinson party! :)

Liza said...

Yes the newlyweds are still on their honeymoon! But don't worry, we can't go too long without checking our blogs! We'll update ours as soon as we snap back into reality! Beautiful pictures! That was the most happy and perfect day of my life! I love you Sara! Jason just told me to say, We love you!