Wednesday, November 5, 2008


photo by Gwarf
I've felt a little under water the past few weeks.

Overwhelmed by politics, finances, and motherhood,
I have been a slurry of thoughts and emotions
that felt too confusing to organize.
On this new day, with a new president to be,
President Barack Obama,
I was preparing a package to send to a sweet friend
across the country for her birthday.
With genuine love I prepared the package,
and pondered on our similiarities and our differences.
We both love and appreciate beautiful things,
we both feel passionate about life
and the treasures found in each day.
We disagree politically,
but that's okay.
I was also preparing a package for my brother.
I had collected things that bring me joy,
and I know will also bring him joy.
We have the time of our lives when
we're together.
We could talk for hours with ease,
and always leave smiling.
We disagree politically,
but that's okay.
I love his guts,
I will always love his guts.
I can choose to get worked up about issues like-
big government
gun control
I can choose to stay calm,
agree to disagree,
and continue to acknowledge the wonderful
qualities in those who walk differently than I.

photo by niechcial

Some things about the election turned out
as I would have liked,
some didn't.
But I believe in the goodness of people,
I believe in actions,
and I would like to believe
that if President Obama
wants to bring about change,
then I will be willing to support
the goodness that I see take place.
I also believe that I have stewardship
over my own life.
I know that "the adversary" likes bickering,
he likes contention,
he likes it when I feel hatred towards my
brothers and sisters.
But I will not give him the satisfaction of a hard heart.
Instead I will love my fellow men,
sting loving,
or streisand listening.

photo by tju_tjuu

Last night after I had cast my vote,

I watched the Red Balloon with my kids.
They thought it was a little different,
some parts they laughed,
and at the end when the balloon is defeated they sighed.
I asked them what they thought the message was.
We talked about friendship-
we talked about standing up for your friends,
we talked about loyalty,
we talked about rad french knicker bockers.

I hope my kids grow up to have tolerance for all people.
I hope my kids will look at things
from all angles and make informed decisions.
I hope my kids love their brothers and sisters
around the world...
enough to defend, stand up, and serve.
I hope they are Christ-like in their actions,
and always remember to make peace.
Change is one of the ways we progress.
Change can bring about new freedoms,
or new discoveries and inventions.
Some things are constant though,
the rising sun,
snow in the Utah mountains,
life and death,
U2 albums,
my craving for french pastries...
but it is all good.
We can be friends,
and along the way,
we will learn from eachother.


Emily said...

So beautifully said.

Heidi said...

Ah. Now that is a beautiful and hopeful post. And I feel just the same way.


onesilentwinter said...

Sara this post moved me beyond words. I started to think about what your wrote about our differences... i wish we where having hot chocolate now at a cafe.. right now..

lawdy said...

can i still write what i believe? i am asking myself. or does it cause too much contention. but to not say it, i don't know if i could do that. can i say it, and they say it, and we still be friends? i hope yes.

Dad said...

Daughter of Mine,
Your words are so heartfelt and sincere. I'm sure as a parent you will do all the things you hope, dream, and pray for. Just remember not to be too hard on yourself- mistakes are part of our journey.
Love you-

Gina Lee said...
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Gina Lee said...

You rock!
Not "your rock" like I posted and deleted...
Bottom line, I loved your post. Well said.
Thank you.
Good night.

SmithDish said...

I'm learning, I'm Learning, observing and learning. Thanks for the fun cd, you could not give me a better gift. O.k. I take that back I guess you already did on Mon. What did you think about the little impromptu snack? Anyway, back to the cd, I sat and listened to it and imagined myself with gads of time just sitting with art materials doing lots and lots of art. Did you enjoy the dolmathes or were they not what you expected?

makemoremistakes said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and can't really vocalize how much this post means to me. I am an excessively passionate person, and when I disagree with someone or something it is usually very hard for me not to become harsh, judgmental, and mean- but this has reminded me that there is such importance in putting aside our differences in order to achieve beautiful ends. Thank you for reminding me that there are people who are politically inclined in directions other than my own that are still wonderfully gracious, loving, and beautiful.

I hope you are well.


bill, katie, and co. said...

This post kicked the pants off my "political" post. How come you're so good at everything? Including writing about really hard things. This was beautiful. I am totally and completely with you, girl. I get you.