Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"beth" is not the only thing we share

i have a fondness for dog the bounty hunter.

that do-gooder mullet man

who catches the bad guys,

one barefoot toothless dude

or dudette at a time....

but during the wedding my dress

made me feel how his wife Beth must feel.

the belt propped below my "ladies",

as if to present them on a platter...

and the jolly plumpness of my body reflected

in the photos gets everybody in the mood...

for christmas.

i will play a good santa this year.

Beth, as much as I love you,

as beautiful as your curvish fancies are,

i'm a bit tired of cropping out my ample arms,

and so it is with much sorrow,

that i bid adieu....

hopefully soon,

the name "beth" is all we will share.

i'm only eating carrots and granola bars,

from now on,

at least for an hour,

okay i'll start tomorrow.

("beth and the dog")


i am bri said...

seriously, you are so beautiful! we are so hard on ourselves.

SmithDish said...

Who is that woman... and that man... You look stunning in that color, and besides men love curves, especially on platters. :)P.S. Have you ever seen a classical painting of a woman with a flat ace. :) Your just a classic thats all! Glad you are back!

wilkinson_fam said...

About. Wet. My. Panties. You are SO FUNNY, dear friend! Now pregnant with #4 and anticipating (no, DREADING) a family wedding myself, I am SO with you.

Thanks for making me laugh vs. cry. Love you, beautiful girl!

lawdy said...

ya, ya only greens till Christmas. . .me too. ..

Dad said...

Sara Beth daughter of mine....you are beautiful....stop that none sense and enjoy life eating the things you love (with moderation of course)- you are happy, healthy, and alive with lots to do besides worrying about calories.

Nancy said...

What you talkin' bout Willis? You are not "plump". I think you look fabulous so just hush up.