Saturday, November 22, 2008


I had the most vivid dream last night...

(flickr- ljam)

I was a GYSPY living in SCOTLAND.

We lived in a beautiful silver airstream-

(flickr- lhaas)

I grew a garden, and cooked and baked

with my children out on an open fire-


I wrote to loved ones on whimsical cards-


I carried my treasures in my very own

mary poppins bag-


Lanterns were glowing in the trees-


My fingers were adorned with

handmade sparkly works of art-


We were dressed in colorful, fanciful hodge podgy
clothing that addy and i sewed ourselves-
(, dolce & gabbana, oilily, matildajane, flickr-bellas muma, agatha_katzensprung)

We slept wrapped in warm blankets stitched
and handed down-

We spent our spare time knitting and making toys
to play with and sell-




SmithDish said...

Wow! your papa bear seems to be a romantic as well. Lucky. Ummmm..... I think I have had this same dream before except my humble hip aboad would have more rust, more wood and lots o lovely chipped paint with a little black pipe smoke stack. Maybe we could live on the other side of the stream.:)

SmithDish said...

I meant "abode"

Emily said...

gypsy's are always stealing shiz. and, they smell funny with their weird bandannas... wait a second... i wear a bandanna sometimes... crap, after we went crabbing i smelled funny. your gypsyness is heavily rubbing off on me!

-the Smith's

p.s. your posts are wicked bad!

onesilentwinter said...

okay papa bear is very romantic!! I love this dream i will meet you guys half way!!!