Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Week in Harvest Country

With Eliza's wedding to prepare for and other family milestones happening like Sadie and Caleb going to the temple for the first time, I decided to play hooky and spend a week in Idaho with my family. Here is just a little sampling of some of the things that occupied our time.....

date night with papa bear at outback,
i always get the salmon and caeser salad,
and i always get bubble guts after,
how romantic.
lunch at bajio for the green chile chicken salad.

inspiration and sugar cookies at the mini bazaar.

another bridal shower for eliza hosted by Jen.
the lovely cupcake below was just part of the
heavenly tastings provided by her friend Gloria
of Rexburg's Cocoa Bean Cupcake Shop.
Better Than You Know What Cupcake.

Open House for Bumbles Watches.
I didn't buy one,
but I oogled all the pretty beads.

big girls and little girls go to the movies
to see HSM3.
give me strength.

em and i made tutu's for lily
and the three babies to be born in the
next couple of months.
every little girl needs a tutu.
lots of noisy cousin time.

ice cream daily from reed's dairy.

breakfast shower at smitty's for charisa and rach.

dad finds a dead muskrat,
and missy the cat,
who until now,
was presumed dead for the last two months.
matching pajamas.

bri and his boys.
chris finally took me to taco's izcalli's.
he eats here everyday and has been raving about it.
mmmmmm, googley,
but good.


SmithDish said...

TOTALLY have been admiring those pajamas every time I go into Target, yet I could not allow myself to purchase them because of my silly frugalness. Wish I would have ignored myself.

Mama Megs said...

Oh I miss IF more then ever now! There's really no place on earth like home...:)

Mary Denton Taylor said...

How blessed you are to have such a fabulous family! It makes me miss mine even more. I'm happy you could enjoy a week up yonder!