Friday, November 7, 2008

Shawns Birthday Weekiversary

Shawn married my sister Tiffany.
They are a perfect balance of fun, craziness, and sanity.
He compliments her so well.
Everybody loves Shawn.
He is happy, kind, polite, patient, and talented.
If Shawn was in a beauty pageant, he would get Miss Congeniality,
because he's congenial.
If Shawn was a cereal, he'd be Marshmallow Mateys,
because he's our matey.
If Shawn was an animal, he'd be a puppy,
because he's playful and loyal.
If Shawn was a cartoon character, he'd be sponge bob,
because nautical nonsense be something we wish.
If Shawn was a car, he'd be a hummer,
because he is strong and travels the road less traveled.
If Shawn was a drink, he'd be chocolate milk,
because everyone likes chocolate milk.
If Shawn was a candybar, he'd be snickers,
because he makes Tiff snicker.
If Shawn was famous, he'd be Ansel Adams,
because he's an amazing photographer.
If Shawn was our brother in law, we'd love him...
oh wait,
he is,
and we do!

Hope you had a great birthday big S!
We love you!