Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Cassie!

I may be a couple days late on your birthday post,
But don’t fret dear Cass, because I’m about to boast.
Boast about your stardom and talents so numerous,
Boast about your brains and gift for all things humorous.
Where to begin I’m just asking myself,
Let’s pull down your book from off of that shelf.
Cassie was born 19 years ago,
She had cute dainty features and sweet toes in a row.
Such a cute little babe with blondie sunshine kissed hair,
A smarty pants girl with a sweet face so fair.
She excelled in her studies and played with her friends,
Cassie always looked cute and rocked all the trends.
With feline affection she took care of her cats,
She worked several jobs and wore several hats.
But the highlight of all that comes to my mind,
Is the talent of music that was one of a kind.
With grace and with ease she would play the rad flute,
But it didn’t stop there, there was more she could toot.
Countless instruments were hers for the making of tunes,
Cass makes it look easy like plucking off plumes.
Leader of the band and first one to start in the parade,
If I had her responsibility I’d shake and be afraid.
Not her, not our Cassie, she had confidence and class,
Never an opportunity to sharpen her skills did she pass.
Brothers and sisters come around by the droves,
Nephews and nieces surpass her in height by the rows.
Cassie Marie is a sweetie dear,
She’s still a blonde darling with a listening ear.
With a great big hug she makes you feel loved,
I think she’s pretty awesome,
Cool, like the old Michael Jackson gloved.