Saturday, February 28, 2009

5SF Edition 31

no bake cookies




Birdie Bourdeaux
Nuspirit Helsinki

Thursday, February 26, 2009

cupcake ninja

Plenty of sunshine headin' my way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
Mister Bluebird's on my shoulder,
or Mister Cupcake,
either way i'm happy.
what is even better than a cupcake?
taking my crew of ninja's into town
to have lunch with nana and pa.
It's a wonderful day.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


wouldn't it be easier for all involved to just let the house explode?
today i'm thinking this would be a very satisfying route to take.

i hope tomorrow i feel differently because let's be honest,
could i really live without my pewter collection and cassandra barney painting?
but i would be very cranky.

i hate moving.

but you know what i hate more,
not knowing when.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the other half

chris took the older kids over the weekend to start school in idaho and i'm in a quiet house with the other two little boys. it's never quite the same when family members are missing, i'm okay with the absence of homework and drama, but not the hugs and helpers. the leprechaun and i are getting over nasty colds, and even though he has me beat in the "green mucus and hacking cough" department, i have him beat in the "no motivation to do anything constructive" department... so i'm giving myself one more lazy day to get better, and what more perfect medicine than that of playing with star wars chubby people with my awesome playmate ollie!

the key to happiness is getting on the floor to play with your children, making funny voices for the troopers and jedi's, and letting the four year old get behind the camera lense every once in a while.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

5SF Edition 30

(weekend edition)

Cafe Trio-
handmade flatbreads
split pea soup
turkey and salmon salad
birthday cake:)
Red Butte Cafe-
salmon, asparagus, lattkes, beets and gorgonzola
house pasta
nutella, almond, and strawberry crepe
nasty food court vegies and rice
Ben's triple chocolate cookie
lots of Diet Coke

burning solder from making surprise charms
for lauries birthday dinner
cake that Jennifer slaved over all day
which didn't turn out "quite" as planned
but tasted FANTASTIC.
it's good to know that someone who usually
aces first attempts at everything finds at
least one thing that might take a second
try at perfecting.
we're all glad you brought it anyway!
that fondant is a tricky one:)

under the weather.
friday i felt a little tingly in my sinus',
saturday i felt stuffy,
sunday i feel just plain crappy.
i guess i just partied too hard.
dear lady friends on a weekend of fun.
thank you for such a wonderful time!
love you girls!

nancy . michale . kim . laurie . jennifer . sara

princess, can you eat that?, hole in the wall, dinner surprises, sexy shoes, thirsty edward in the meadow, the year of the geek, in my day, that's our essence floating in there, come to my bosom, paparazzi and the drunk women, i use to live here, staying up till five talking, work it girl, sock, homeschooling, hip and humble-koodeker-home again-emiliejayne-children's hour-artichoke&co.-anthropologie-gap-jmr, symphony bars, eucerin, bird feeders, sweettarts, fuzzy pj pants, friendship poem, mix c.d.'s, decorating magazines, you girls look cool- do you have any wedding shower ideas, dramatic tangents, would you rather?, innuendo's, shaneekwa, it's coming i can feel it, sasha fierce ninja, killer dance moves, is that a cockroach?, blood sweat and tears went into that cake, is that a man or woman?, that speaks to my soul, where are your earrings, axel rose-robert pattinson-fiddy cent, rides in the "rock on" car, favorite chic flick, can i have just plain fruit?, where do you want to visit, antiques, being good mothers and wives, strut.

i made mix cd's for my favorite thing to share with the girls this weekend, and one song would not get out of my head. thank you laurie and sasha fierce for that.
I guess the public will never know if we did indeed wear outfits like these, and if dance moves were boogied out... that is a secret to be kept behind the hotel doors of the salt lake city marriot.

go look up the video... it is mystical.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the bane...

of my existence, not my daughter, but the science fair. this year her teacher made it a requirement. let's just say that i haven't slept since yesterday at about 6:30am...meaning i pulled an all nighter...i feel like it's college all over again. you know that panic feeling at about 4:30 in the morning when you're like, "oh my, where did the time go, am i really still awake, am i going to get all this done in the next two hours, who am i, where did i come from, mama, papa, did i just see an angel, did i just hear a voice...?" she really did most of the work herself. i was just the "middle man" if you will (styler/typer).
it's not like we procrastinated persay. the first project we decided on weeks ago was- "is behavior contagious" i thought it sounded genius. she was supposed to go up to people and do something different every day like yawn, itch her nose or smile and keep track of how many unknowingly did it back to her. that lasted all of two seconds after she did it to tade and ollie and then got frustrated.
project number two was going to be about condensation... it flopped.
on to project number three about the best method for popping popcorn and here we are. of course corporate america has already figured out that it would be the microwavable bags that are most convenient.... but we had to do it the hard pioneerish way with ancient customs of stove top and air popper.


i'm so tired i could cry, but i'm really glad we did it together.

10 batches of popcorn popped in the air popper.

10 batches of popcorn popped on the stove.

$20 for supplies.

tears and tantrums.

oil all over the counters.

popcorn all over the floor.

cut up paper also all over the floor.

discarded glue sticks, blueberry carton, vitamin water bottles, and swiss cheese pkg, guess where... on the floor.

marker hyroglifics on the leprechaun.

sticky stubborn spray adhesive coating everywhere.

feeling like my head is not attached to my body.

nearly twenty hours spent with my daughter,



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

for fun

because i felt SPRING today.
whether it was the shining sun,
the easter on the shop shelves,
or the smell of earth in the air.










Tuesday, February 17, 2009

slowly saying goodbye

we were "pumped" to get out of the house tonight:) hard working mothers of america is an understatement, crafty business lady, writer, mama of six, art officianado, temporarily husbandless and hopeless (that's me). just a couple hours to ourselves, with something sweet...and that includes the ice cream jennifers case, fruit and ice:)
sometimes i feel funny taking and posting pictures with my friends, but i think it brings me comfort to know i can look back at these moments after i've moved and have to start all over again, meeting new people, finding my way in a new place, making new friends, and think of how loved and lucky i am to have made connections at each of my gypsy stops.

laurie - jennifer - sara - tylee - nancy
(one of these things is not like the other, one of these things is not the same... okay francheska in the middle, you're not in palm beach anymore, step away from the mojito's and put on a jacket....i look like i just stepped off of the tour bus from a retirement community in florida and happened upon a frosty day in park city...everyone knows it's cold outside but me, all i'm missing is a straw hat, long fuschia fingernails, a star magazine, and some botox...tell me it's february next time you see me please)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

ladies and rabies

this morning i woke up with an achey chestus and chills...the beginnings of mastitis, and if there's one thing i know, it's that mastitis can attack its prey at any unsuspecting moment and overturn your little peaceful life. i've nursed the leprechaun longer than any of my children, 17 months, and it is officially time to end his love affair with the nectar of life. since i've tapered off, my "ladies" are adjusting to having their alone time...thus the mastitis i guess.
so today, it was i, and two other sneezy, sniffly, coughly members of the household that napped and lounged the sabbath away. the leprechaun, perhaps in a rebellion against the nursing strike, has started acting like he has a racoon infestation of rabies. what the heck is that? he attacks us with his feisty hands leaving vicious scratches on our faces and he has developed a lovely tantrum throwing festival of fury. he may look innocent, but trust us...

look closely under ollie's eye and
you'll see the "rabies" in full force.

no school tomorrow means kids get to stay up late,
but my strict mother spell of early bedtimes has
enchanted them to sleep.
i can't express how great it is to have this
charming man home.

i've heard the best remedy for my achey ladies is
a creamy cold slush in a beautiful glass
provided by a sexy prince.