Thursday, February 19, 2009

the bane...

of my existence, not my daughter, but the science fair. this year her teacher made it a requirement. let's just say that i haven't slept since yesterday at about 6:30am...meaning i pulled an all nighter...i feel like it's college all over again. you know that panic feeling at about 4:30 in the morning when you're like, "oh my, where did the time go, am i really still awake, am i going to get all this done in the next two hours, who am i, where did i come from, mama, papa, did i just see an angel, did i just hear a voice...?" she really did most of the work herself. i was just the "middle man" if you will (styler/typer).
it's not like we procrastinated persay. the first project we decided on weeks ago was- "is behavior contagious" i thought it sounded genius. she was supposed to go up to people and do something different every day like yawn, itch her nose or smile and keep track of how many unknowingly did it back to her. that lasted all of two seconds after she did it to tade and ollie and then got frustrated.
project number two was going to be about condensation... it flopped.
on to project number three about the best method for popping popcorn and here we are. of course corporate america has already figured out that it would be the microwavable bags that are most convenient.... but we had to do it the hard pioneerish way with ancient customs of stove top and air popper.


i'm so tired i could cry, but i'm really glad we did it together.

10 batches of popcorn popped in the air popper.

10 batches of popcorn popped on the stove.

$20 for supplies.

tears and tantrums.

oil all over the counters.

popcorn all over the floor.

cut up paper also all over the floor.

discarded glue sticks, blueberry carton, vitamin water bottles, and swiss cheese pkg, guess where... on the floor.

marker hyroglifics on the leprechaun.

sticky stubborn spray adhesive coating everywhere.

feeling like my head is not attached to my body.

nearly twenty hours spent with my daughter,




Emily said...

Sara and Addie, that looks great! Good job.
Oh Sara you have done it again.
I still remember those late late nights through school. You would stay up all hours finishing projects.
Wow I am going to have to help Lill with stuff like that. That kinda scares me.

marisa said...

I am so not looking forward to those days!

Cassie said...

You wanna know something really super cool? I totally did a science project on popcorn too, mine was room temp vs. frozen before heating, but that gives me memories!

miniSCHOF said...

Please do send me a copy of the cd/mix thang, I'd love to hear it! Or give me a copy when i come see you guys next. I wanted hopefully to come over here soon if your lazy husband would ever text me back.

So yeah thanks again for the link to the site you use, come to think about it you have told me about that site before. Yeah.. no that I've left the worlds longest comment I'm going to go.

K bye.

P.S. stove top popcorn is better, unhealthy and full of oil. The way America intended it!

Cheri said...

Sara, Once again everything you touch turns to gold. The presentation looks fantastic hope you got some sleep and are feeling better.

Liza said...

Ohhh she was so worried about this project and just cried cause she was so afraid she wasnt going to get it done. Watch out everyone... Superwoman steps in and saves the day... yet again! I bet she was the most proud girl at school that day.

Jennifer said...

Let's not tell anybody when you went to bed on Friday. {snicker snicker}

onesilentwinter said...

i remmeber those moments with my mum, she will never forget!