Wednesday, February 11, 2009

where have you been?

i have been missing in action this year... partly due to the fact that my computer blew up (there were burning plastic smells) and partly because i've been in idaho almost as much as tooele getting ready to move. the ridunculous, yeah you read it right, ridunculous laptop i'm currently typing on is so maddening, that i must force myself to use it without spouting witch doctor curses under my breath. to play catch up, i'll recap some of things we schofield's have been doing lately, in no particular order.

lots of visits to the future casa del schof,
and walking the kids through for the first time
so they can stake their claims... bedrooms.

lots of sara driving her dependants on the freeway
so she can reunite with the hardworking lover
in one of the dang coldest states in the union.
(is idaho in the union?)

a delicious dinner at pizzeria seven twelve.

a night out to gain some sanity after mother overload
to be with lovely ladies.

cards and gifts oh my...

surprises that melt my ice queen heart.
(sara's moving survival kit,
created by the above lovely ladies)

a trip for papa bear with the boys to surf in mexico,
i lofff him!

wonderful baby blessings for Tony and Shawn
and matching serendipity.

brothers that are all tuckered out after
too much fun at caleb's mission farewell.
realizing that my hair needs coloring so bad
when it looks like the lion from wizard of oz.

all fourteen kids under the same roof.


~Amanda~ said...

Busy! Busy! Busy!
Do you have a move-in date? And more pix of the new digs?

wilkinson_fam said...

Ditto what Amanda said (there must be brillance in the name!). Did you end up getting the retro house or the farmhouse? The picture looks so spacious and roomy. SO MANY possibilities! Can't wait to see what your talented hands (and mind) make of it!

Love you, girl! We can do hard things!

sami hansen said...

i love sara!