Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Loves Day!

but everyday is loves day right? Okay, this is the part where i'm thankful my kids don't read this blog, because in documenting their cuteness, major embaressment would ensue if a certain nine year old boy knew i posted the following valentine that he made for his crush...

the miraculous thing about it all is that i normally have to twist his arm to do any kind of "arts and crafts" project, and he voluntarily made this without help, completely on his own. i was so nervous about him giving it to her... we had a little pep talk about how he would handle it if she didn't like it or if kids in his class made fun of him... he didn't care a bit, and totally had the courage to give it to her... although he did say she rolled her eyes when she read the "your my little bug" part. PRESH!
after seeing the adorable bookmarks my friend NANCY made for her children to pass out, i knew she would totally dig the creative, amazing, stupendous valentines that i prepared for my kids.
"here's three boxes of nutter butter's kids,
pass them out."
impressive, i know.
of course before i handed them over i checked the FDA peanut butter recall list to make sure it wasn't salmonella poisoning that we were really handing out for valentines treats...
for our family fun today, the kids prepared a scavenger hunt around the house for papa bear, and i had thrilling prizes at each stop like- a construction worker statue from the dollar store, martinelli's, candy, pack of gum, pregnancy test... which about gave him a heart attack... it was not an announcement... just a suggestion.

treats today included our
favorite confetti salsa .

homemade curry
(not as good as yours Brian!)

and secret sweet treats!



Liza said...

"Your my little bug" Okay could I die please?! Oh he is just scrumptious. Any curry left over? That sounds really good right now.

Mama Megs said...

Can you be my mom?! You're so fun and creative-I hope to be like you as my kids get older :)

Angela said...

Can I please have the recipe for that looks de-lish

Danielle said...

Was the 'suggestion' for an activity later or a hint to him that you want #5?...don't answer that!