Sunday, February 22, 2009

5SF Edition 30

(weekend edition)

Cafe Trio-
handmade flatbreads
split pea soup
turkey and salmon salad
birthday cake:)
Red Butte Cafe-
salmon, asparagus, lattkes, beets and gorgonzola
house pasta
nutella, almond, and strawberry crepe
nasty food court vegies and rice
Ben's triple chocolate cookie
lots of Diet Coke

burning solder from making surprise charms
for lauries birthday dinner
cake that Jennifer slaved over all day
which didn't turn out "quite" as planned
but tasted FANTASTIC.
it's good to know that someone who usually
aces first attempts at everything finds at
least one thing that might take a second
try at perfecting.
we're all glad you brought it anyway!
that fondant is a tricky one:)

under the weather.
friday i felt a little tingly in my sinus',
saturday i felt stuffy,
sunday i feel just plain crappy.
i guess i just partied too hard.
dear lady friends on a weekend of fun.
thank you for such a wonderful time!
love you girls!

nancy . michale . kim . laurie . jennifer . sara

princess, can you eat that?, hole in the wall, dinner surprises, sexy shoes, thirsty edward in the meadow, the year of the geek, in my day, that's our essence floating in there, come to my bosom, paparazzi and the drunk women, i use to live here, staying up till five talking, work it girl, sock, homeschooling, hip and humble-koodeker-home again-emiliejayne-children's hour-artichoke&co.-anthropologie-gap-jmr, symphony bars, eucerin, bird feeders, sweettarts, fuzzy pj pants, friendship poem, mix c.d.'s, decorating magazines, you girls look cool- do you have any wedding shower ideas, dramatic tangents, would you rather?, innuendo's, shaneekwa, it's coming i can feel it, sasha fierce ninja, killer dance moves, is that a cockroach?, blood sweat and tears went into that cake, is that a man or woman?, that speaks to my soul, where are your earrings, axel rose-robert pattinson-fiddy cent, rides in the "rock on" car, favorite chic flick, can i have just plain fruit?, where do you want to visit, antiques, being good mothers and wives, strut.

i made mix cd's for my favorite thing to share with the girls this weekend, and one song would not get out of my head. thank you laurie and sasha fierce for that.
I guess the public will never know if we did indeed wear outfits like these, and if dance moves were boogied out... that is a secret to be kept behind the hotel doors of the salt lake city marriot.

go look up the video... it is mystical.


Jennifer said...

Oh!! I love it! That says it all!! Pha ha! I had so much fun!! I just pee'd my pants!!!!!!!! AHH!

Mary Denton Taylor said...

Have you seen the Saturday Night Live version of Single Ladies???? It is HEEEEEElarious!!!!

Here's a link to a portion of it...

copy and paste it!
love you!

Berryhill Blotter said...

That made me smile and now my cheeks are hurting more. You are a real treasure. Thanks for everything!