Friday, September 4, 2009

5SF Edition 38

Blueberry Pomegranate
Trail Mix Crunch

Spray Paint
I'm under a nesting spell, and I've been currently obsessed with spray paint...
more later on my colorful projects!

An "AHA" Moment
Yesterday I was watching the farmers harvest the wheat, it was mesmerizing. But what I realized that I had never known before, was that the left over stalks after they take the wheat is what they use for straw...DUH!! You learn something new everyday in the country. Once the crops are gone, you know fall is on it's way.
(via Decor 8)

Owl City
Maybe I'm Dreaming


Jennifer said...

I absolutely LOVE what you've spray painted so far!!! I was thinking about you yesterday. I was spray painting little pieces of wood for my kits. I was a little high after I was done and my finger had a little cirlce with a triangle mark in it for awhile from pushing the spray down. Tee hee :)

Danielle said...

Love the pink chair, come do my baby's room for me! (had a spelling error in prev comment)

Judy said...

Love your paint projects. Good job. And I love the straw light bulb moment. So funny!

wilkinson_fam said...

You are so freakin' hip.

That's all I have to say.

sami hansen said...

Dear Sara,

You are my hero. How often do I tell you that?! But seriously with those frames, you are just too much.

Also, I am kind of dying that J is coming here in 5 days!!! Someday you will get to come visit us here, I just know it. And that someday will be my heaven.

Love to the end of the rainbow,

P.S. Say hello to the fields of gold to me please. I only get to sing about it with our friend G.S. You get to bask in their beauty.


nadia said...

wow gorgeous! ( are you being safe spray paint? oh how i worry)

SmithDish said...

OH MY HELL!!!! Girl! You are truly the shitsicle!!!!!! Love the Spray paint!!!! Besides the mr. vac it is my other secret love! Nice! way show off Mr.spray paints many talents!