Monday, December 8, 2008

early december weekend

i missed another five sense friday...but until someone decides to pay me to do them on a regular basis... well then, we just won't complain will we:) the weekend was packed with lots of stuff as usual. papa bear hadn't been home for three weeks, so we had a lot of catching up to do.
friday night was addy's nutcracker performance- she did AWESOME! her dance was at the beginning, and i missed the first couple seconds because i had to run back home and make sure we had unplugged her curlers... when i finally made it back, she was hopping around the stage in her cute pink dress and looked ballerinish as ever. the rest of the numbers i spent in the hallway with a wiggly screaming toddler... i totally had the walmart sweats. after that fun, we headed to the airport to pick up the big daddy and everyone fought for his attention and showered him with loves.
saturday was filled with a trip to the dump, lots of paperwork, and a stolen wallet. we are being audited for 2005, probably because of all the medical claims with Chris' last tumor. it's really fun preparing paperwork for an audit. actually, i shouldn't complain because papa bear did the preparing and i just looked on with frustration at the situation, i'm good at doing that. after some catch up on bills and house orders he ran his bike to the gas station to fill it up before winter storms hit. when he got home he realized his wallet was missing-
back to gas station...asked a dude "have you seen a wallet"....dude says "no"...chris goes into gas station to look at surveillance camera...chris see's that he did drop it...chris see's that the dude who said "no" did take it... no license plate on car.... chris rushes home to cancel credit cards...wife says what about the pump receipt of the dude who bought gas and took your wallet... wife calls gas station...gas station says someone found the wallet...chris rushes back down to gas station... $80 missing, but all cards, and tithing check intact...police come and they watch surveillance again... the dude took the money and then threw the wallet back on the ground...the dudes gonna get it...we are sick of people being dishonest, stealing, getting away with it and us being left to pick up the pieces................on another note, the cop told us some news in relation to the burglaries of our homes earlier in the year, the man was caught, his ex wife came in and turned him in...a woman scorned...tsk tsk.
Sunday- church was splendid, especially since papa bear and I played hooky during sunday school so we could sneak in some more make out time (no one reads this blog but my sisters, right?) then later nana, pa, and maggie came over for dinner, and soon after, my man road off into the sunset back up to idaho.
the weekends always end too soon.

a favorite past time- nibbling scrumptious baby toes

addy always has to slip out of her costume so quick,
but she's still as cute as ever, even in her "street clothes"

the boys hangin' in the halls

nana and pa's dog maggie
this is what i've been listening to lately...


Jennifer said...

First of all, I love all of those cd's. Second, I can't beleive the story of the wallet. Third, I loved the way you told the story and that the guys name was dude. Forth, Phil and I were wondering about yesterday.... putting Tade down for a nap? And fifth, most importantly we love you guys! It was nice to see Chris and I knew I didn't have to worry about you since papa bear was there to protect you.

Karyann said...

Oh I just love you snuck in some make out time! much needed after 3 weeks apart. You guys are my favorite people. I love that you guys are still the same as I remember . We miss you


your card is scrumptous. your seriously the coolest most unique most amazing person i know! thanks for the great blogs. keep them coming! PS my 'rents used to senak home during sunday school too until one day my brother snuck home too to find them huhmmmm. so beware!

Andy said...
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Jairus Noble said...

LOVE your music selection....however, the Carpenter's Album cover is slightly creepy....

Nancy said...

I saw the two of you sneaking out of church and had my suspicions as to why. They are now confirmed. BTW Mauricio LOVED your family photo as did my sister. She thought it was the coolest family photo ever. I was wrong about Moe not wanting to do a shoot like that. He wanted us to have one like it.