Tuesday, April 6, 2010

eggs and such

hunting for eggs and baskets.
yet another holiday of sugar and toy over-indulgence
left by a mystical holiday character.
our easter dude tries to keep things as simple as possible, but i'm thinking next year everyone gets some fine european chocolate and we call it good...

easter goodies:
peeps smores & layered rainbow jello
(thanks for the help with the labor intensive jello sadie jane...
you totally birthed it... ummm really?)


Liza said...

Can we do Easter at your house next year? Those baskets look better than ours did... oh wait, we didn't have any. Count on us... I'll be good with a basket or better yet settle with a European chocolate. Oh lindor help me!

sami hansen said...

UMMMMMMMM.....47 LAYER JELLO??? Who are you? Totally obsessed with you. You are just too much. Love you. Xoxo

berta said...

I hear that. I went to World Market, got a bag of beautifully wrapped German chocolate and distributed it evenly. It was a huge hit.