Monday, March 29, 2010

technical difficulties

the universe does not want me to blog.
firstly, i finally fixed my camera lense... i am a very visual person and wouldn't dream of posting without the accompaniment of photos. now that i am back with camera in hand, and thoughts swirling in my noggen, and events to be recorded, blogger is not letting me post them.
dang you blogger.
i'm about ready to break up with you and have a serious rebound with typepad.
hopefully soon i will be back in the saddle.
i hate getting bucked off my own blog,
but i'll keep trying to get on...
yippee ki-yay.


Mama Megs said...

If you go into blogger and click on Settings, scroll down and it will say "select post editor" Click on the "update editor" button and it will update your ability to upload your pics. It's a lot better then the old way and hopefully, you won't have any more problems. Hope this helps!