Friday, April 18, 2008



Today I hosted a "Ladies Who Lunch"
potluck at my house.
These were some of the yummies served.
Not so pretty anymore, but still very yummy.
fresh cut pineapple
blueberries (I used blackberries)
green grapes
Whip for 2 minutes the following-
3/4 cup milk
1 3oz. pkg banana pudding
3/4 cup sour cream
1/2 can crushed pineapple
Pour mixture over fruit.
Mix the following and form into a ring-
Fancy shredded cheese
Best Foods Mayonnaise
chopped Cilantro
small can of diced green chilies
put Raspberry Jam in the center
serve with club crackers

Melaleuca's Soy Cinnamon Vanilla candle


Cleans sheets and blankets on my lumpy bumpy bed.

There's nothing like jumping in a cozy bed

after an exhausting day of housewifery.


A clean kitchen....very rare occurence.


Hotel Costes 8


onesilentwinter said...

I have to say the second recipe is most unusual I am not sure if I dare? Sara I was noticing that we have the same pendant light over the counter and we both have a red stool at the Island! and I finally just sat down after an hour of kitchen and bath cleaning-I love coming back to clean house after a long weekend! Have a good one-relax and enjoy!

Dad said...

So I noticed the heart lace milk glass server with the Fiesta Cheese Ring- where did you get that? haha.....that is a great recipe.....a must try!

Hoopes Home said...

What a dreamy kitchen! i wouldnt have done it any different. Thanks for always being so positive on your blog, you're an inspiration!h10121809

The Chic Chef said...

I love that cheese ring! Are you on the countdown for the BIG LV? I want to come to the "Lunch Ladies Club"! That's so not what it's called, huh?! Love you!

Jennifer said...

Hey Sara, your kitchen looks so good. Well, it always does. :) I'll have to try the cheese recipe as well. Have fun quilting!

Andrea said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous! I totally envy your double oven, and, well...the whole kitchen.

Just the other day my sister-in-law (also Sarah, but with an h) took pictures of her clean kitchen so she could prove to her husband that at some point during the day the house was clean.

Mary Taylor said...

Sara, your Five sense Fridays are such fabulous fun! I enjoy checking in on your blog! You are a way cool chicky! Looking forward to seeing you soon. :)

sami hansen said...

Sara...all weekend I have been thinking about five sense friday. So my reward for making it through my long wedding weekend was to stroll on over to your blog after posting on mine. And not to be dissapointed! LOVE your beautiful kitchen! You should do corner of my home tuesday, and show small snapshots of your little castle in Toelle. That way we can see your amazing homemaking skills, one snapshot at a time. And then you don't have to clean your whole kitchen, you can just show...a light fixture you love, or the foot of your bath tub, or the ledge of the kitchen window. Just a selfish idea I had. To get to see your house! Have a great Sunday!

SmithDish said...

Hey Sara! just wanted to thank you for lovely luncheon you hosted. I loved the display, of candies,the unique food dishes and the music is a must for a fine lunch experience. Thanks for letting me lag behind, to peek at all your fun touches. It is exciting to have a couple of new creative friends in the ward with similar art interests, and oppinions on houses. I had almost given up on Tooele. Whew!


Oh, my cheese ring!
I love that you made it. I love reading the comments you got about it! If they only knew the fabulous combination of flavor that tasty dish is they would be so wishing they had been there to partake!
Your home is beautiful!!! I want to come visit!
Much love,