Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Restless night thinking about…..everything
5 am arise
Throw laundry in
Help prepare 2 reports,
One on cougars,
One on rocks and minerals
Grab bagels for breakfast
11 kids here for playdate/preschool
Supposed to teach the letter X
Sat them in front of the movie X-Men
Just kidding
Ate sprinkle donuts
Rushed to school for Show and Teach
Passed out candy rocks
Home to clean the destroyed house
Cuddled the babe
Nursed him the Nectar of Life
Skipping out on Card Group
School Carnival poster and games
Hanging over my head
Fridge is empty
Ollie sniffs Tades feet
Tade giggles
You know you’re desperate
When snacking on chocolate chips
Beanie Weenies for lunch
Quiet time with hubby
He works so hard
9 houses for sale
Market bites the big one
Must apply for 2 birth certificates
And 3 passports ASAP
Addy has diary breech meltdown
Landon jumps when he plays video games
Catching up on emails
Noticed there’s a tree blooming in the backyard
Pizza night
Going to bed early


onesilentwinter said...

Sara your amazing-truly! Passports going somewhere?

Danielle said...

Passports..Where are you going?

Rachel said...

I miss being around to watch all the action.

The Chic Chef said...

What uuuuuup!I totally missed you tonight! I drank a Diet Coke with lime for you and went to the bathroom 10 times (5 for you). Cards were adorable of course!

Jennifer said...

Tee hee your so funny. "X-men" Pha ha. Why didn't I think of that. :) Sometimes I get so busy and my kids aren't even in school yet. Phew! I think I'll go to be now just reading that.

Mary Taylor said...

Missed you last night! Totally understand days like that. Hope today is a little less... less. I had the same thought as Danielle. So...? :)

aprilaloha said...

So, minus all the school stuff (my kids aren't in school yet, and thankfully preschool does not require projects), your day sounds freakishly familiar. Especially the chocolate chips!! Talk about a quick fix. You're so cute.

Emily said...

Sara, Jess and I laughed so hard when we read the part about Landon jumping when he plays video games. Am I going to see you this weekend?

Jairus Noble said...

Your my hero..........

Hoopes Home said...

you write so cleaverly poetic. you're my hero

Sara said...

Some of you have asked why we need July hopefully, we are planning on going to Ireland, Scotland, and Holland to to a little family history- I'm stoked!!