Tuesday, April 22, 2008

“It is a sociological fact that women need women.
We need deep and satisfying and loyal
friendships with each other.”
-Marjorie Hinckley
image and quote from www.lovelifemagazine.blogspot.com
Women need women-
when times are hard,
when something bad happens
or when sadness surrounds our lives.
Sometimes we just want to be left alone.
But our sisters,
blood or not,
know when to step in.
Sometimes it's a meal,
sometimes it's cleaning the house,
sometimes it's a card, or flowers,
sometimes it's just knowing they are there
for you to call when you're ready.
It is part of our godly makeup
to nurture and love,
to reach out and feel the aches
of others like they were our own aches,
and then to know what to do
to ease those burdens and pains.
Today I am thinking of the women in my life
who have lifted me up,
and those who need lifting.
The women who have extended friendships to me
and who have made my days brighter.
I am praying for my sisters that need
a little something extra right now.
I am praying for my sisters
who need comfort and peace.


Jennifer said...

Wow Sara, that was so touching. You just made my day! I love the story about the preemie babies as well. Stories like that touch me deep in the heart and remind me how thankful I am to have two healthy boys. Thank you for your friendship.

Hoopes Home said...

That should be written to you because that is you. Youre a great friend and mom

Audrey O'Brien said...

sista - if this aint true i dont know what is! your blog is a constant inspiration to me! thanks so much for just being who you are! i feel such a strong connection with you dispite how little interaction we really have had. thanks for your comment on my blog. i am really really really struggling with some things right now. ether is one of my fav books in the BOM so i was grateful for the scripture. i have determined that all the spiritual stuff in the world will not give me the answer i seek right now i must wait with patience for a time to come in which science can help me. i am tired in every aspect and just feel so desperatly that i need someone to talk to and be my sista .... not something that makes a lot of sense to nate it seems. anyhow thanks a ton. loves

kate said...

I love checking your blog. I wish I could write as well as you.
I love your stuff you are selling!
I want to buy some for swissdays.