Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hiking the "H" Rock

(to clarify, "H" stands for Highland High in Salt Lake)

Hoppers tickling our jelly shoe feet
Thick air steams within the sweaty oak trees
Passing strangers creep us out with looks that linger too long
Did they just hide a body, we wonder
Wild flowers, sagebrush, and dry grasses made me itch
Must press on
Shiny treasures peek out of dusty blankets
Conversations occur amongst
Clicking insects and crickets that hum a rhythm
We made it
Climbing our Everest of jagged hot potatoes
Our little hands peel layers of paint like tree rings
Sitting atop the dangerous perch we call out
Our lookout to the world
We eat our sandwich half gone from impatience
Make up stories for the metal skeletons below
Care free tossing of bouncing pebbles
Falling, falling, disappear
We brought our glass faced dolls
I leave mine to guard our castle
How romantic
Gone too long Mother will worry
Tired journey back, our sunburned bodies carry trinkets
Acorns, rocks, rusty bottle caps and colored glass
Nibbling bits of bread like poor lost children
Goldilocks comes home again.


Karly said...

OOOOO the memories!

onesilentwinter said...


Emily said...

Oh my! I can't believe you remembered all that. Let's go next year. Wouldn't that be a trip.

Dad said...

Oh my goodness....this could be your best yet....I am so proud!