Friday, October 24, 2008

Thinking in my Car on the Way Home From Walmart...

I totally obeyed the Walmart honor code and wore my sweats shopping today....and a baseball cap....and no makeup....and running shoes..... I was missing a mullet, revealing tank top, and choice words spouting out of my red neck mouth to my troublesome children, but I made up for it with the beebee gun in my trunk. I wonder if I could get arrested for that? For once I didn't see anyone I know, this being the most popular hangout in the entire city besides the canyon where people go to drink. Word.
Thank goodness I have the Word of Wisdom in my life because I would be an awful coffee addict. I can still feel the remnants of the ice cream I ate last night buzzing through my veins. I'm also glad that I didn't eat the whole quart, mercy.
Let me just say it for you world, I'm a hypocrite.

Holland is cleaner than America. We are messy, cluttered people. I remember when I lived in that small cramped apartment with two small children. Everyday, through my paper thin walls, I could hear my neighbor clean her "porch", which was actually just a shared sidewalk. She was not from America, and it was obvious that she took great pride in her home, humble as it was. I could hear her sweep, sweep, sweep, and then she would dump a bucket of water on the concrete and sweep, sweep again.
With this daily ritual I'm almost certain that one could eat off her doorstep.

Wow there's a lot of different decorating styles our here. Landon wishes I was one of those cool moms that covers their front lawn with spooky headstones and plasters all the windows with sticky cobwebs. I just can't bring myself to put out one of those big inflatable pumpkins or frankensteins....
I'm such a kill joy.

Am I the only one who has to center the Manhole under my car
while I'm driving?

manhole covers from france and spain by valewis
I really like onion rings, especially with fry sauce.

picture by gothangell
There's that man again. He is always walking down Main Street. He reminds me of Boo Radley. A little unstable, but with a big heart. Sometimes he's holding a big gulp...I wonder what his life is like? I see him almost daily on this road, so does he just walk back and forth all day long? I wonder if he eats syrup on squirrels...wait, do I have my characters straight?
Note to self:
reread To Kill A Mockingbird


Jennifer said...

These are the things you were thinking about coming home from walmart? Ha ha girl. You crack me up. I was laughing hard at the, "revealing tank top, and choice words spouting out of my red neck mouth to my troublesome children.." because I was just at walmart yesterday and there was a lady who was actually "spouting" out of her revealing tank top and was yelling at her kids. Pha ha! So funny.

Nancy said...

Syrup on squirrels? What the heck ARE you reading? That is definitely not in To Kill a Mockingbird. Thanks again for your kindness by the way. And sorry I suck (excuse my choice words) at being your VT.

Brianna! said...

This post makes me want to have ice cream at Cold Stone...

Brianna! said...

( Notice, my picture is ice cream!)

Danielle said...

LOL...there's a man I see watching TV in the same green chair every time I drive by his house, he is an elderly man with a perfectly clean house and crystal clear large picture window, I want to visit him. I don't think he's like boo...I think he's lonely.

Cassie said...

Sara, your posts just make me love and miss you even more! Come to Pocatello!! I miss you!! Bring the chillins, we'll have a super awesome party, love ya lots!