Saturday, October 18, 2008

5SF Edition 22


Ice Cream from Reed's Dairy


Crisp papers and such
as we stuff envelopes for
Eliza and Jason's wedding announcements

Mom's Autumnal Decor
practically perfect in every way.

Perfect Symmetry


Cassie said...

Oh this makes me want to be home so bad!

onesilentwinter said...

It all lokks so wonderful! would it be wrong to say that i like the smell of manure?-

Jairus Noble said...

Have you picked up the October Martha! Brilliant!! xoxo

Mama Megs said...

I love Keane! I didn't even know they had a new album out-thanks!

It's Fancy Letterpress Studio said...

SARA!!! Its cody langford from the real OC (but not for a long time) Anyway I got on a kick with the whole facebook junk and its like crack! I started wondering where all the people I liked were and well the wonderful world of google landed me on Rachel's blog which led me to Liza's blog which led me here. (Ya that makes me sound a bit psycho but ya know that was always one of the things that made me fun.)

Anyway cute fam! I can say cute right? I do have 4 girls so my vocab is slightly jaded. I would love to catch up some time! Send my love to your fam in Idaho and tell your sis congrats!


The Chic Chef said...

Oh, going home is the best! I'm thinking about you and am excited to be back in the blogging world so I can check in on you more. Love you!