Saturday, October 4, 2008

Could you "pass" the M&M's please?

So, remember that to do list that I was feverishly
working on last Wednesday?
I had crossed off a good amount that day
when Chris called and said that they discovered
he had a KIDNEY STONE the size of an M&M, and he would
be admitted promptly the next morning to have it blasted.
A few hours later we had set aside "the list", thrown clothes
in a suitcase, skipped school and other responsibilities, and
headed up to Idaho so we could nurse our Papa Bear back to health.
Thursday was a rough day for him, but I think the worst is over.
This is just a testament to the kind of man he is.
After three months of pain, even while restoring barns and
working hard, he still pressed on through the sickness.
His stubborness is something that I have learned to dance with
our entire marriage, but hopefully next time we'll be
a little further from kidney failure than we were this time.
We are now just chilling with family in the farmlands enjoying
General Conference, good food, and straining urine to collect
"grains of sand"....good times ya'll!


Liza said...

Game... I'll never be able to eat M&M's again and not think of Chris and his kidney stone. Nice. So, seriously about that Halloween bash. We'll make chchcheddar Chchcheeze-it chchchicken and chchchocolate chchcherries while singing "I love the beachchch" As much as we all love Tooeleeeeee, you know you can't be there on Halloween without your kidney stone papa bear.

lawdy said...

OK, lady, it sounds like you need a little break. Sorry to hear about the craziness of life you are experiencing. Hang in there, or something like that.

Jennifer said...

Hey lady! I'm glad things went well. Tell Chris we are thinking about him. You're so funny! I love the last bit you wrote. I could totally hear you saying that. :)

onesilentwinter said...

Hope he is feeling better!