Tuesday, October 14, 2008


cool homework assignments.

i'm so proud of addy.

she had to make a native american toy,

and wanted to create a doll.

aside from the sewing,

she did all the work.

i think our little pocahontas turned out boss.

door bell ditchers.

they are in abundance this month.

whimsy rabbits.

a little cool,

and a little cute,

with a little creepy

(above- i'm smitten.com)

(above- ellemoss on etsy)
(above- pamelalaffke on etsy)

(above- TheDecoratedHouse on etsy)

homemade curried butternut squash soup.

for the soul.
thanks ty.

moss rings.

by AdornJewelry on Etsy

garden gnome costume.

pretty darn awesome!

(found on familyfun.com)

sweet fashion photography.

(photo by tim walker via creative-soup.blogspot)

a birds nest.

in your hair.


(from neiman marcus via aroomsomewhere.net)

fright night c.d.

music that goes bump in the night.

every spooky classical song imaginable.

perfect background music for this month.


princess beatrice is pushing the envelope

with this statement,

but i like what she's saying.


Danielle said...

I vote creepy on the rabbits. And way cute on the gnome, I'll have to tuck that idea in my mental file box.

Amanda said...

Way to go Addy! So cute!
I love all the stuff that you find! So out there - love the rings! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

That bird nest in the hair is so cute! Sara, you do so much for me all the time. Phil and I are away for our anniversary and we forgot to stop the mail.... would you mind getting that for us? We would really appriciate it. Thanks for everything you always do for us. Hope you are doing well.

SmithDish said...

Luckeee.... you hit the jackpot on Boo's this month! We actually got this little diddy as well. The popcorn was delish! Addy's doll is darling love the pocket w/leaf. Don't tell Jen but I think I will break into their house this weekend since they are away.:;)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Sara. Drive Safe. We'll be back Saturday so I check things out. :)

Jennifer said...

hmmmm, don't tell Jen huh Laurie? Thanks for the heads up Sara. Tee hee!

bill, katie, and co. said...

Love, love, loving Pocahontas and you and all the fantastic stuff you do and the amazing person you are! YOU INSPIRE ME!

The Chic Chef said...

Ummm, not sure how I feel about those rabbit headed bodies. That gnome, well we know how much I love those. That picture with the sea blue dress took my breath away! Addy's doll...she is going to be as creative and amazing as you are.