Thursday, October 23, 2008

Give Me Strength...

I should so NOT be blogging right now,
but I deserve a serious break.
For those of you who have sold a house before,
you know what it's like to get things ready,
and stew and fuss over all the details.
It is no party doing it by myself,
especially with a one year old following behind me
undoing every mess I just cleaned up.
I have this inner struggle
between being a good person that's meek and humble,
and then just wanting to stick my tongue out
and feel sorry for myself.
It's no secret that the past year
has been hard on the economy,
but with Chris being a homebuilder,
we have felt a particularly painful sting.
A couple weeks ago we decided to finally
"do the right thing"
and put our house up for sale.
So while Chris works up in Idaho during the week,
I have been home frantically trying to make things presentable
so we can plant that stupid sign in our front yard.
I know that we are being responsible grown ups
and making the right choice,
but there also is a part of me that wants to grumble because...
I'm cleaning, sorting, hauling alone,
this will be our TENTH move,
I love this neighborhood and our friends,
I love this house and now feel comfortable with this city,
I'm afraid of the unknown in the future.
it is my hope,
that someday we won't have to move anymore,
and Chris will be appreciated and compensated for his talents,
and life will not necessarily become easier,
but will have some stability.
Until then,
I'm going to eat the quart of ice cream I got from ColdStone tonight,
in my sparkly clean house,
(yes you may open that closet,
yes you may walk into my craft room,
yes you can see the floor in the laundry room,)
and I'm going to cherish the friendships I've made here,
and be grateful that we have a house, clothes, food,
and above all,
a family that loves us and cares about us.

Here are some fantastic things that have accompanied my week
of cleaning toilets, vacuuming 500 times, and dusting light fixtures
that have never felt a human touch.
While in Idaho over the weekend,
Eliza made our friends "The Ganir's" famous Sweet n' Sour Chicken.

My friend and neighbor Jennifer has her wonderful Visiting Teaching kits and Christmas gifts in a boutique this weekend. If you're around these parts, stop by and peek at all the cuteness.

Katie is one of those friends that I feel lucky to have. We spent a summer together being counselors for Academy for Girls and the blogging world re-acquainted us again. I look up to her in so many ways- I am in awe of her amazing spirit, sweet heart, and talents for being a fun mom and an all around awesome person. It's good for me but a shame for others that her blog is private, because her talents are mighty inspiring. Katie has always had the most fantastic penmanship and style, and she has been able to turn this gift into a business. Visit ARTICHOKE INK and keep her in mind for a special touch for any paper personalizing or addressing.

Maybe talent comes in this name, but another dear friend by the name of Kate who is an amazing photographer just posted pictures of her daughters birthday party, and they gave me a coronary...or something like that. She seriously has some mad skills, and even dressed up as a tea pot...who does that? Kate, you kill me!

One final note, I stopped by Laurie's house with some banana bread and her yard looked like a pumpkin patch and fancy boutique. I would have left it on her doorstep but with the deer, grasshoppers, turtles, and wild turkey's, I thought it would be better to bring it by another day- but it was worth it stopping by just to see her house. Anyhow, we think a lot alike, and to prove this fact, just look at her fabulous mantle decor that speaks to my soul. We do so many similiar things without even knowing it, and it's fun to have people in my life that "get me".
Thanks for all the inspiration everyone!
life will go on...


Danielle said...

I love your house, it's so you! I am sorry that you have to put it up for sale and that you are having these "growing experiences" You are so strong. Love you, thank you for the book.

i am bri said...

sara, i feel your pain. and, i get it. our lives are very similar in ways that you don't even know. you have such a grace about you and i wish we lived closer so we could become better friends. just know that i admire your strength.

YOU are a rock.

Andrea said...

Sara, I feel for you. I can't imagine having to prep my house for sale with 4 little ones (especially a toddler) around and a husband gone. With the glimpses of your home that I've been able to see on your blog, I'm sure someone will want to snatch it right up--it's beautiful, and you really have a talent for design. Good luck, and hang in there!

Heather said...


Hang in there. You are in our prayers.

Karyann said...

you are one of my favorite people in the whole world! You are always in my thoughts and oh I miss you so. Keep on girl, because you are so strong in so many ways. Love you

Jennifer said...

Hi Sara, Thanks for the plug. I've never seen your craft room before. Can I come see it? ;) Hang in there. Let me know if there is anything I can do. You know what? I'm not ready for you to move because we are supposed to have late nights in that craft room together. Why haven't we done that yet?

bill, katie, and co. said...

Sara. I SO love you...I think you would be surprised how so many of us are struggling to make ends meet and to be appreciated by others "higher on the ladder". It really is amazing how anyone ever gets ahead in this life. I love you and respect you for doing what you think you need to do. You will be blessed!

Thank you for the shout out. That means so much and I hope you know I feel likewise about you and the amazing, talented, creative woman and mother you are. We were meant to be together that first year as counselors...We just didn't truly realize it at the time. I'm sending lots of love your way...

Oh and remember to focus on the happy things. Remember...Happiness is:

I can't believe you gave us

Gina Lee said...

Are you going to post the famous sweet n' sour chicken recipe or do I have to continue to lick my screen? ;)

The Chic Chef said...

I'm sending you love vibes right now! That Katie is too much, huh?! How adorable of a Mom to dress up as the "Teapot Lady". Eat your heart out with the ice cream! You deserve it!

Nancy said...

What?! You're moving? Now I feel even worse. I so could have helped you and wished you had asked because then I wouldn't have been wallowing in self pity all week. I didn't even know. I'm so sorry.

Karly said...

Miss Sara...
You will never know how much I admire you as well. Sometimes I hate coming to your blog because I see how creative you are and your sense of humor... I WISH I HAD THOSE! Anyway good luck with everything. Where will you move???

Jairus Noble said...

Your my hero Sara Pea Rich....

Dad said...

Honey- it's all going to fall into place....your angels will always be there for you and yours. Look at your postings....the best insightful, heartfelt and strong...what comes from these difficult times is so wonderful- and you wonder- how will I ever get through this....and yet you will, and be better and stronger. You are our first, and did so much for your mother and I in helping to raise the other seven beneath you. We couldn't have done it without you! How can we ever repay you for all that you did. Your mother and I will always be indebted to you. All this said....whatever you have before you- you will come through it and be better in the end. I love you honey...thank you for everything...I am so proud to be your dad.