Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Day LaurieKae

A day with LaurieKae on her birthday…
First I would pick you up in a
bright red convertible corvette
that perfectly matches your spicy personality.
On your seat would be waiting
for your calorie free pleasure-
a package of Oreos,
cold fresh milk in a thermos,
the latest fully loaded Blackberry
in an adorable purse complete with
a wallet full of cold fresh cash.
On the radio would be playing,
One Hot Mama- by Trace Adkins.
First stop would be your appearance on
Hollywood Squares where celebrities such as,
Glenn Beck, Celine Dion, and Jim McCune
would be mobbing you for an autograph.
From there we would take a quick flight
to Maui
and your children would be watched by a fully
qualified robot nanny
who miraculously nurses babies
and helps with homework
and spotlessly cleans your house
and makes healthy hearty meals,
provided free and clear.
In Maui we would sample fresh pineapple
and drink from coconuts,
Okay we’d try them on too:)
We’d have to rush back to the states to the
most haunted place on earth
The Salt Lake House,
where we would be given
a professional tour with ghost hunters
and capture awesome EVP’s
and photos of apparitions.
Next, lunch at Denny’s.
You would do a speech from our booth.
Everyone would give a standing ovation
and shower you with french fries.
After offering free pies to everyone,
we would leave for a
fantastic concert by your fave…
Anne Murray,
together you would sing a duet of blissful harmony
Just Another Woman in Love.
You both would exchange addresses to send
Christmas cards and agree to be lifelong friends.
We would swing by the Melaleuca store
so you could pick up your products
and introduce a couple
hundred people to the most fabulous
wellness company on earth.
We would have to hurry to make it to your
massage appointment given by Drew Carey,
just kidding,
it’s Sam,
and he’s been taking masseuse lessons,
We would have to splash a bucket of ice water
to wake you from your dreamy slumber,
but it would be well worth it,
because next we’d go to
your surprise party where all your
friends and family
would be waiting with presents and tributes
to tell all that you mean to them.
Another year wiser, hotter, and sassier,
Makin' Banks!
We love you LaurieKae!


i am bri said...

Melaleuca. small world. my husband did work on a project called financial freedom for that company!

LaurieKae said...

You know me so well!! Thank you Sarah!! you are awesome!!