Monday, October 27, 2008

Countdown to Halloween

by drahomira


I recently went "ghost hunting" with some of my siblings
in our old house that we believe is haunted.
In this house lights have gone off and on,
drawers have opened and closed,
and feelings have been felt.
There may be a logical explanation,
but it is way more fun to imagine
that someone beyond is trying to communicate.
We had a little tape recorder and realized
that the tape stops when we aren't talking.
After a second trip with the problem fixed
we didn't catch much....


someone said,


my name.



for reals dog!
and then we heard

"he's going to hurt us"

which some of the group believes
was Jessie talking.
But in my professional ghost hunting opinion,
was not.
I don't like anything super creepy or dark,
so to keep things light, I kept saying things like,
"Go towards the light"
"We are all here in love"
"bla bla bla, sunshine and lollipops, bla, bla, bla"
just to make sure there was always a good presence.
As we were leaving,
it sounded like a big rock was thrown at the deck,
which could have been an acorn falling,
or a bird tossing out a twig,
or a mouse playing baseball,
but truly,
it was a great ending to our fun crisp october evening.


We have had several family members pass on,
and I believe they are watching out for us
and protecting us.
It isn't easy to get spooked when you know
they will kick anyones trash that tries to mess with you.
When we were in Scotland,
I was walking through an old room in the ruins
of our ancestors castle.
I suddenly let out a big burp,

thank you fish and chips,

and was totally embarassed because someone
had walked into the room and heard me.
When I turned around to apologize

no one was there.

I had definitely felt an energy following,
so thick that I was sure someone was right behind me.
But I was totally alone in the room,

or was I.

I like to think it was a distant family member
who once lived in the castle just checking up on things.
This picture was taken in one of the rooms.
That's a prop hanging in the middle,
but check out the energy swirling around.


Do you have any real ghost stories?


ElderCaleb said...

Liza and I had a session with our friend the other night. Nothing happened but ask your papa bear. He had shivers up his spine and the hairs on the back of his neck were sticking up. Word.

Danielle said...

I have a 'good ghost' story but I don't share it in public forums! But I did feel seriously creepy when I was in a certain room in a castle in Switzerland all by myself and then I read the map and it was the torture chamber. I was embarassed to say in the middle of the day I turned around and ran up the stairs fast because I had such a weird feeling.

Jennifer said...

Ohhh, I've got goose bumps. That is so cool. I wish I had a real ghost story like that. I even grew up in a 155 year old home and, nothing. You do the funnest things with your family. So where was this house you used to live in.

onesilentwinter said...

i do..

this is the coolest family ever can i join!!!

Nancy said...

I'm thinking it must have been a mouse playing baseball, I mean what else could it have been? My sister lived in a haunted apartment, FOR REALS. Pots moved, touches were felt. Freaky stuff. I love scaring myself by watching Most Haunted Live, you should check it out.