Sunday, October 26, 2008

Family Stands for FUN

friday night after we picked up papa bear
we went to the scout sponsored
Haunted Woods and Carnival.
good times were had by all.

going fishing for sticky hands and tootsie rolls
has never been so exhilarating.

apparently they thought the woods were a little
but then,
so are they.
sunday it was off to celebrate our nephew and cousin Ezra
in receiving the priesthood.

have i said lately how much i love these boys?
les, lawdy, and their mom

another great spread by the schofield's
complete with- pasta salad, meatballs, chips and salsa,
jello, grapes, green salad, orange rolls, shrimp,
and caramel apple dip.

we are all very serious about our salads,

and this one rocked!

need i say more.

and yes jon,
worth every penny.

maybe if i didn't enjoy this particular table so much,
i wouldn't have "doughy" issues.
a little tip-
use store bought sugar cookie dough
and doctor up some icing with
food coloring and orange oil.

keeping with tradition,
when a girl or boy turns twelve
and becomes a young man or young woman,
we all bring and share advice or tips
for them for their teenage years ahead.
these were our words of wisdom...

Congratulations Ezra!

Remember to Choose The Right!


Jennifer said...

Hey Neighboroni! What are you doing up so late? ;) Laughed so hard at your comment. MB Pha ha ha! Loff it. You're so funny!

Jennifer said...

Totally know what you mean. I'm doing the same thing myself. ;) Have a good day tomorrow chica!

Danielle said...


onesilentwinter said...

That salad and the jardinier(fruit tart) look heavenly!!!

lawdy said...

I usually strongly dislike pict. of the old self, but I really like the pict. you took of us. Chanks!