Monday, October 6, 2008

Jason's Birthday-week-iversary

I did wish Jason Happy Birthday on his actual birthday, but with things that have popped up in the last week, I am just now getting to publicly acknowlege it with this post. Jason truly belongs in our lives and in our family! All these years I have looked forward to seeing who the man would be to accompany Eliza through eternity... she is an amazing woman and I knew she would settle for nothing less than she deserved. Eliza has always been the hopeless romantic in the family, and with high expectations, some of us wondered if there was really a man out there that would be able to sweep her off her feet. In walks Jason... smart, talented, hardworking, easy going, spiritual, down to earth, spanish speaking, funny, and darn cute- you guys are a perfect match!!

No one can deny the cloud that Eliza has been floating on since she met Jason. We still have many years to get to know him more, but just look at all the reasons SHE loves him-
his integrity and laughter
making those around him feel loved and appreciated
enjoys life to its fullest
loves the Mexican culture (as does Eliza)
loves his 6 sisters
loyal to his friends
witty, perfect fix-it man
close to the Lord
loves his new nieces and nephews
great with kids (Eliza melting)
loves airplanes
Chicago boy who loves his Chicago pizza
helps others
and the list goes on and on...

We love you and hope you had a super duper birthday!!

Tooele does so here declare that September 30th is national

"Jason is Cool Day"!


Karly said...

Ok Missy. Everyday I read your posts with covetous-ness because I am SOOOOOO Jealous of your imagination, creativity, wit, etc... You are THE BEST for doing birthday shout outs for in-laws! He sounds like a definite winner/keeper btw. Eliza looks darling it's been forever since i have seen her

Liza said...

Sara, you are too kind!!! Thanks for honoring me with a post just about me. Thank you!! I know I'm the lucky one. I am definitely getting a catch. She is such an amazing woman. Im so grateful Devin and Rachel threw us together. Cant wait to see you for our Halloween 2008 Bash.

Love you,


Cassie said...

It's so beyond true!! Jason is going to add so much to our family!! The marriage is so soon! I can't wait!